A Few Great Reasons To Get A Massage In Fort Collins

We offer therapeutic massages of many types, and while many think of massage as not much more than the opportunity to pamper oneself, there are a variety of health benefits that coincide with receiving a professionally administered massage. In fact, massage is most effective when it is incorporated into your regular wellness routine. We’ll get into the specifics below, but among these benefits are the reduction of stress, diminishing of pain, physical relaxation of muscles, and the promotion of overall wellness.

We’ll be frank; Xanadu Med Spa is where you should go if you are in need of a massage in Fort Collins. Why? We offer customizable massage therapy options that cater to your unique needs! We offer a variety of regular and seasonal enhancements that are intended to supplement the therapeutic or relaxation-based outcome. These include sugar scrubs, deep muscle relief, seaweed wraps, dry brush exfoliation, sauna wraps, and more).

Plus, our individual massage therapists are specially trained in a range of massage experiences. When you make your appointment, we’ll match you with the one that ideally fits what you are looking for.

Fort Collins Massage Therapy Options At Xanadu:

  • Swedish Massage – A balancing and soothing massage treatment that helps stimulate circulation while relaxing you
  • Ashiatsu Massage – A barefoot massage technique, your therapist will use deep strokes with their feet. An ancient form of bodywork that’s been used for millennia, we think you’ll find this approach challenging yet rewarding
  • Prenatal massage (13 weeks or more) – Helps reduce swelling and muscle tension
  • Deep Tissue Massage – Often ideal for athletes with acute issues, this massage type is designed for bodywork on specific muscle groups
  • Osteopathy – Osteopathy takes years of study and practice to perfect — your practitioner will identify areas of the body that are not working properly then ease restrictions to bring about wellness in a localized area
  • Trigger Point Massage – This massage type will alleviate the source of the pain you are experiencing by administering cycles of isolated pressure and release
  • Hot Stone/Lava Shell Massage – This uses hot stones to nourish muscle tissues, which helps in the releasing of accumulated waste that has been stored in tense muscles
  • Aromatherapy Massage – This is a massage enhancement that includes the supplement of one or more scented plant oils used to address specific needs
  • Aromatouch Massage – We use doTERRA Therapeutic grade essential oils in order to bring out the natural benefits of these essential oils when used in tandem with the power of the human touch

The Benefits Of Massage

Now that we’ve touched on what we have to offer here at Xanadu Med Spa of Fort Collins, let’s talk about why you should get a massage more generally. Sure, most of us don’t need an excuse to be pampered and de-stressed, but maybe you are looking for a way to convince your significant other that it’s time to include massage into your regular wellness routine. Whatever your situation might be, we hope you find these reasons as fascinating as we do!

  • Stress Reduction – Who are we kidding, this is probably the first thing that comes to mind for all of us. Massage naturally reduces stress by physically relieving muscle tension, in addition to other ways we’ll touch on. The beauty of a massage is that the results can be experienced in the hours, days, and sometimes weeks after you’ve had your session. That’s a wonderful thing.
  • Get Rid Of Those Toxins – When you stimulate your body’s soft tissues, it helps your body to release the pent-up toxins through your lymphatic systems and bloodstream.
  • Immune System – That’s right folks; when you stimulate your lymph nodes, it organically recharges your body’s defense system!
  • Improved Balance – Massage can be particularly beneficial for senior citizens who are in need of a restoration of balance. Because falling is such a concern for folks in this demographic, massage is able to increase blood flow to limbs, it also improves the sense of relative position of body parts. This reduces the chance of falling!
  • Improved Sleep – The very fact that you’ve been able to de-stress and relax will likely lead to a better night’s sleep. But when you consider how loosened your muscles will be, you are confident you’ll be able to notice a marked difference the next morning!
  • Fatigue Reduction – In the same vein, massage therapy is widely known to improve mood and sleep. What’s more, the results are cumulative — when you receive consistent treatment, the less fatigue you’ll feel over time.

There are so many more benefits which we haven’t had time to list in today’s post. Among them are improving posture, circulation, blood pressure, and beyond. We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post and are now feeling inspired to receive the many benefits of massage therapy from one of our therapists here at Xanadu Med Spa. The next time you or a loved one could use a Fort Collins massage, be sure to schedule your appointment with us! We’d love to hear from you.