Xanadu Med Spa

Covid-19 Coronavirus Response


Dear Xanadu Med Spa Family

We have missed you all so much! We are thrilled to say that we are open again – with limited capacity – and lots of safety measures in place. We appreciate all the clients who believe in local small businesses. It means the world to our staff who rely on your support day in and day out. We are getting back to normal with procedures being able to be provided that may have been off-limits and delayed prior to this.

As covered in Larimer County’s approval of Variance #3 – Specific Variances by Sector: Personal Services PHO 20-28 Appendix D, Section I.A.1: You will still be required to wear a face mask during your time at Xanadu Med Spa, but your face covering may be removed during your treatment if necessary. This applies to facials, botox, fillers, and other facial laser treatments. Please call if you have additional questions.

We are following all state and federal guidelines for protection and safety, including but not limited to: wearing gloves and masks, providing hand sanitizer, frequent cleaning, wiping down and sanitizing of all contact surfaces, extra time between clients for sanitation, and we have set up a system to help us maintain all standard Social Distancing protocols. While our focus continues to be the highest level of care for our clients, the following protocols for all patients have been put into place:

  1. All clients must wear a protective mask when entering the building.
  2. We will be taking temperatures of every patient, and if your temperature is 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit or greater, unfortunately, we will be unable to treat you.
  3. We are minimizing the amount of people in the building, so we ask that you come to your appointment alone, no other guests. If you have scheduled an appointment with a friend, please note that each patient will have to come in separately. Similarly, please be certain to arrange for daycare for children.
  4. We please ask that you postpone your appointment if you are not feeling well, especially if you have cold/flu like symptoms or if you have been traveling recently. Please let the office know you will not be coming in for your appointment.
  5. Clients are asked to use rest room facilities at their homes unless it’s an emergency.
  6. Our staff is using personal protective equipment when they deem necessary to reduce transmission of viruses and bacteria during this time.


COVID Vaccination Protocols for Aesthetic Treatments
Dermal Fillers – wait 3-4 weeks after your second dose
Neurotoxins – wait 2 weeks after your first dose and also 2 weeks after your second dose.
CO2 Treatments – Wait 4 weeks after your second dose.
Permanent Cosmetics – wait 2 weeks after your first dose, also 2 weeks after your second dose.

Please call us if you have any other questions regarding specific treatments and vaccination wait times!

The Xanadu Med Spa Staff