Do You Lose Weight When You Do CoolSculpting?

Many of us suffer from stubborn fat pockets that won’t seem to budge, no matter how healthy they eat or how much they exercise. For that reason, an increasing number of people are seeking alternate methods. Could CoolSculpting be the solution to finally waving goodbye to those last few pounds?

Do You Lose Weight When You Do CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure that directly targets stubborn areas of unwanted fat, such as areas commonly referred to as muffin tops, love handles, or pooches. The targeted fat cells are killed off and then gradually removed from the body, leaving the silhouette slimmer and leaner. It is not a weight-loss treatment, and there is a huge difference between fat reduction and weight loss.

The treatment reduces the number of fat cells in the body rather than taking weight from the body. When you achieve the final result, you may not weigh any less on the scales, but you will look slimmer, smoother, more contoured. You may even drop a dress size. Most importantly, you should feel better, finally being rid of those troublesome problem areas.

Fat Reduction vs Weight Loss

Every adult has a finite number of fat cells in the body. When we lose or gain weight, this number does not change. Instead, the size of the individual fat cells change, gaining weight increases their size, and weight loss will cause them to shrink. The procedure permanently reduces the number of fat cells in the targeted area. It does not affect the size of the remaining cells. By reducing the number of fat cells, the body will look slimmer and leaner, but the number on the scale will not sway dramatically.

The treatment works best for those who are already in shape, at their ideal weight, and have no plans to lose or gain a significant amount in the foreseeable future. This procedure is ideal for those wanting to be rid of stubborn fat pockets that even after a healthy regime of diet and exercise will not disappear. Such as areas like the thighs, lower stomach, and arms.

How Does It Work?

This treatment is a more natural way of removing fat cells from the body. It is currently the only non-surgical FDA-approved fat reduction procedure. A trained professional uses a cooling panel to apply controlled temperatures of around 40 degrees to the targeted area. This method is called Cryolipolysis. The cool temperatures essentially freeze the cells by triggering apoptosis, otherwise known as cell death. The targeted cells will continue to die after the procedure, and gradually the body will process and dispose of these dead fat cells.

Afterward, results will continue to develop over three weeks to six months. The dead cells will not regenerate, and patients can expect around a 20-25 percent decrease in fat cells depending on the targeted area. This treatment will cause no damage to the skin or any cells outside of the targeted area. The procedure usually takes around 30 minutes to one hour. Patients remain awake either seated or lying down and can even watch TV, read a book or catch up on emails during the session.

What Areas Can Be Targeted?

Most of us have little stubborn areas on our body that we wish we could look slimmer, more toned, and less fatty. This fat-busting treatment can help do that on all of the common problem areas of the body. These areas include:

  • The abdomen
  • Flanks – Love handles, muffin tops
  • Back
  • Bra area
  • Thighs – Inner and outer
  • Under buttock – Banana roll
  • Upper Arms
  • Under the chin
  • The submandibular area below the jawline


How Much Fat Can I Lose?

Results will differ with each individual. In general, with each treatment, most people can expect to lose around 25 percent of fat cells in the targeted area. This number can vary depending on the treatment area. Larger areas, such as the back, may see a smaller decrease.

Smaller targeted zones with less fat, such as the neck, may have an increased reduction. Multiple treatment sessions may be recommended for patients who wish to see increased results.

Are the Results Permanent?

The final result from the procedure should last indefinitely. The fat cells that were killed and flushed out of the body will not regenerate. If the client stays fit and healthy and within their ideal weight range, the final result will be permanent. However, the remaining fat cells can still increase in size, and if the patient gains a significant amount of weight after the treatment, the treated area can still increase in size and appear fatter.

It is for this reason that the procedure is recommended for individuals that have achieved their goal weight and now need help losing the last stubborn deposits of fat. Patients should feel motivated to stay in their current weight range. In doing so, results remain permanent.

Is There a Recovery Period?

This fat-freezing treatment is quick and non-evasive. It can be performed in as little as 35 minutes, depending on the treatment area. So it can easily be scheduled into a busy lifestyle. Some patients even choose to have it done on their lunch break. It is a non-surgical procedure, which means there are no knives or needles, so no risk of nasty scars, and it does not affect the supple qualities of the skin.

This procedure is the number one non-invasive body contouring treatment. Maybe because it is suitable for all skin types, and in most cases, there is no downtime required. Many patients choose to go straight back to work or carry on with their day-to-day life as normal. Patients are even clear to drive immediately after their treatment.

What Does It Feel Like?

As a non-evasive treatment, patients are generally comfortable during the procedure, with many choosing to read, watch a show, or even reply to emails during their appointment. At first, you may feel a gentle pulling sensation, and after a few minutes, some patients feel a tingling sensation or numbness. After the procedure, the treatment area may feel numb or slightly tender for up to two weeks, but not enough to interfere with your daily life.

Can I Speed Up Results?

Depending on the individual, it can take up to six months to see the final result. While there is little research into speeding up the process, we do know that it is the lymphatic system’s job to flush out these dead cells. There are several ways to support the lymphatic system. These include:

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Regular exercise
  • Eating fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Consuming anti-inflammatory foods like garlic and ginger
  • Holistic breathing
  • Lymphatic massage

These types of activities should already be a part of your everyday life. They will assist in staying fit and healthy and ensure results are long-lasting.

There is a huge range of benefits that the CoolSculpt treatment provides. Many patients report increased body positivity and confidence and are happy with their natural-looking results. If you’d like to learn more about this treatment, or any med or day spa services, contact Xanadu Med Spa in Fort Collins. Our team of expert professionals is here to help you look and feel your absolute best.