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Loveland Evolvex Body Sculpting

As we age and our bodies begin to lose their shape it can kill our confidence and leave us feeling insecure. Stubborn fat becomes harder to shift and muscle toning becomes increasingly difficult.

These signs of aging were once inevitable, but with new technologies, that is no longer the case.

EvolveX is a state-of-the-art body-sculpting system that can give you the shape of your dreams, through a clinically proven and non-invasive procedure. Using radio frequencies EvolveX can dissolve fat and build muscle, to leave you with a body that is more youthful and contoured than ever before.

At Xanadu Med Spa in Fort Collins, just a stone’s throw away from Loveland, CO, we offer a broad range of body contouring treatments including EvolveX and CoolSculpting. 

We offer a complimentary consultation where we can assess your goals and determine the best treatment for you. Our goal? To surpass your expectations and reignite your confidence.

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EvolveX at Xanadu Med Spa

Beyond Weight Loss

Many people work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that they can look and feel their best. Therefore, it can be frustrating when the inevitable signs of aging begin to appear, and the skin begins to sag. Even the fittest individuals will begin to appear aged eventually.

But thanks to the increasing effectiveness of non-invasive spa treatments, there is now a solution to this issue. EvolveX can tighten the skin so that it matches your toned muscles and hard work. This is especially beneficial for gym-goers, who will finally see the results of their hard work.

At Xanadu Med Spa we only use the most up-to-date technologies, and our staff are trained to the highest possible standards.

What is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting treatments such as EvolveX or Coolsculpting get rid of fat cells and leave you with a thinner, and firmer appearance. They are non-invasive treatments which means that there is no scarring and no downtime.

EvolveX kills fat cells underneath the skin, resulting in controlled fat reduction, muscle stimulation, and skin tightening. So long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle your fat cells will not return.

Most people find non-surgical body sculpting treatments painless. However, at Xanadu, we offer numbing cream to ease any possible discomfort.

What is Evolve X Body Sculpting Treatment?

EvolveX is a non-surgical body contouring treatment that has the power to eliminate fat, tone muscle, and tighten skin. It can be used on almost any area of the body, including the belly, hips, upper arms, inner and outer thighs, buttocks, legs, and back.

It uses radiofrequency (RF) and electromagnetic energy to kill fat cells and remodel muscle and skin. RF waves are gentle and safe on the skin and work by tightening the underlying skin structure. RF waves also boost elastin and collagen production and encourage smoother, tighter, and more youthful-looking skin.

There are different types of EvolveX treatment, and in your free consultation, your expert technician can advise you on what will best meet your goals.

Evolve Transform

Evolve Transform uses a combination of two procedures, it uses RF energy to heat deep tissue and burn fat, and then electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to induce muscle contractions.

This innovative treatment reduces fat, strengthens muscles, and improves the appearance of the skin. It requires three to six treatments, spaced one week apart for maximum results.

While you may notice a small change right away, it takes time for your body to process the fat cells. Therefore, the real results will be visible after around three to six months.

Evolve Tone

Evolve Tone delivers electromagnetic energy to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions to tone and strengthen muscles. This treatment encourages a more sculpted appearance and improves muscle strength, even in difficult-to-tone areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

This treatment requires three to six treatments spaced a week apart, and the maximum results after three to six months. Some people also choose to have maintenance treatments to maintain ideal results.

Evolve Tite

Evolve Tite uses RF energy on the skin’s subdermal layers, which reduces fat and tightens sagging skin while promoting collagen and elastin. After this treatment, your skin rebuilds with stronger proteins and will appear smoother and more toned.

What to Expect During Your Body Sculpting Treatment

EvolveX is a non-invasive and convenient treatment for reducing fat and improving skin appearance. There are no incisions and no recovery time.

When you arrive at Xanadu Med Spa, you will be greeted by our friendly staff. You will be given a robe to change into and your expert technician will use a marker to pinpoint the treatment areas. Once you have got comfy, we will get to work.

The whole treatment takes around 30 to 60 minutes, during this time you can read, watch TV, or even answer emails.

After treatment, you can resume normal activity right away. Depending on the treatment you may need more than one session, usually three to six spaced out a week apart.

EvolveX is a permanent solution for destroying fat cells, but it’s still important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine for best results.

Our patients generally find EvolveX body sculpting treatments comfortable, you may experience a warm sensation in the treatment area but it shouldn’t be painful. If you do experience any pain or discomfort then tell your practitioner, that they may use numbing cream or adjust your treatment.

After treatment, you can continue with your normal activities. You may notice redness or warmth in the area, but this should only last a few hours.

Benefits of EvolveX

EvolveX body sculpting treatment is a one-of-a-kind technology that can give you the body of your dreams. Benefits include:

Collagen and Elastin

Collagen and Elastin are the two primary compounds that your skin requires to stay firm and toned, as we age the production of these compounds slows which causes the skin to create wrinkles and sag. Fortunately, EvolveX triggers the production of collagen and elastin, making your skin smoother and younger.


EvolveX is entirely non-invasive, there is no cutting, scarring, or swelling. It works with your body’s natural processes to achieve your goals.

No Heat Treatment

Unlike traditional lasers, it does not use any heat, which means that surrounding tissues are not damaged. That means no discoloration or premature aging because of EvolveX.

Painless Perfection

EvolveX is one of our most painless procedures, and many clients even find it relaxing. We have many amazing body sculpting treatments at Xanadu Med Spa, but EvolveX is one of the gentlest.

Immediate Recovery

EvolveX doesn’t require any downtime, and you do not have to sacrifice your schedule or lifestyle. After your appointment, you can continue with your day as normal, many of our patients even get their procedure done during their lunch hour.

Hands-Free Treatment

Once the practitioner has placed the machine on your target area, the technology does the rest. That means no small talk, just time for yourself to sit and relax. Whether you’re introverted or are just craving some peace and quiet, this is the treatment for you.

EvolveX Is Customizable

EvolveX is highly customizable, so your treatment and results are tailored to your needs and wants, aligned with your body’s natural rhythm and shape.

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At Xanadu Med Spa, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding spa services. We use methods backed by research and science, performed by staff held to the highest possible standards.

We are proud to provide EvolveX services because we believe in their research, their results, and their safety. Our clients from Loveland, CO love these services because they experience real results and don’t have to suffer to achieve them.

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