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Fort Collins Facial Remodeling Treatment

Evoke is a revolutionary facial remodeling and contouring system that allows users to lift and smooth their appearance with a non-invasive procedure. The process eliminates fat, tones muscle, and provides a more structured and symmetrical facial appearance. The results speak for themselves, making many clients look more youthful and attractive without drastic measures.

A Non-invasive Alternative to Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery and other aesthetic treatments can cause long-term healing, scars, and damage. In addition, the long recovery times draw attention and keep you from maintaining a youthful appearance without others knowing your secrets. On the other hand, Evoke is non-invasive and provides the opportunity to achieve a youthful appearance subtly. You will look and feel amazing, and with the short recovery time, everyone will think that you’re simply naturally young.

No Heat, No Damage

Rather than using heat or other damaging methods, Evoke uses radio frequencies and energy to eliminate fat and tighten the skin. This means you never have to choose between a fantastic face shape and amazing skin. When you use Evoke, both are possible. When you come to Xanadu Med Spa, both are a guarantee.

What Can Evoke Solve?

The skin on our faces takes the most damage over our lives. As it is constantly exposed to our surroundings and rarely covered, our facial skin oscillates from dry to oily, moisturized to wind-whipped, and bright to dull. As we age, this damage becomes more apparent, and our bodies don’t recover as quickly as they once did. As a result, fat collects under the chin and cheeks, making a round and filled-out appearance. 

For many, this is bothersome. Evoke can help strengthen the cheek muscles and eliminate fat to ensure that skin is taught and thin. The Evoke system does the same for the neck, making a more youthful face shape and neck appearance. By strengthening the muscles in these areas, the face appears more youthful.

Beautifully healthy woman with dewy skin touching her face and looking off camera.

Evoke Is Safe

Alternatives to Evoke often pose unique dangers and long recovery times. In addition, there is the possibility of lasting damage, disfiguration, and embarrassment for many of those systems, preventing many people from achieving the appearance they desire. Evoke does not have this issue. The Evoke system is considered in the industry to be very safe and provides effective results for people who want them.

The safer, gentler methods also make for a shorter recovery time.

Evoke Is for Everyone

The Evoke system is effective on all skin types and colors. In fact, skin tone does not matter at all with this system. This is because Evoke targets only the muscles and fat and does not focus on the skin. This means that you do not need to be concerned about skin damage or being excluded from the results because of your skin’s melanin concentration.

Evoke Is Fast

One of the best parts of the system is its speed. Though you will likely need more than one treatment to see results, these sessions can occur during a break at work or between errands. The treatment is short and hands-off, meaning that there is very little face-to-face time with the practitioner and lots of time to relax. Taking a break from your day is already a good idea, but using that time to shape your face is a truly great one.

Lasting Results

Because Evoke has such profound and structural effects, the results will last. In fact, many people don’t even see the full results until three months after treatment. This gradual build-up makes the results more reliable and solid, giving you peace of mind about your future reflection.

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Here at Xanadu Med Spa, we genuinely believe in the power of Evoke. Our clients love to experience the profound anti-aging results of this system, and we love to see the happiness on their faces. The fact that Evoke is so safe and effective makes it one of our top treatments. 

If you would like to try Evoke, or if you want more information, please contact us online today.