Give the Gift of Therapeutic Massage This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you are still searching for the perfect gift for your special someone, Xanadu Med Spa in Fort Collins has you covered. We offer a variety of med spa services and day spa services that your loved one is sure to enjoy, including several types of therapeutic massage that will put them on cloud nine. Check out a few incredible benefits of massage therapy below, then contact our team to buy your spa gift today!

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Perfect for Men and Women

Valentine’s Day is a holiday filled with romance. Many of us associate this special day with chocolates, roses, and other traditional gifts, but not everyone is a fan of sweets and flowers. The most wonderful thing about giving the gift of therapeutic massage is that it is a great gift for men and women alike. Whether you want to show your wife how much you appreciate everything that she does, or you want to let your husband know how much you appreciate all of his hard work, you can’t go wrong when you gift them a massage.

Promotes Relaxation

Our bodies produce a hormone called cortisol when it is stressed, and high levels of this hormone are associated with digestive problems, sleep difficulties, unwanted weight gain, and headaches. There is nothing romantic about that! Therapeutic massage promotes relaxation and decreases cortisol levels in the body, allowing your loved one to experience an elevated mood, more restful sleep, and many other benefits that come along with lower stress levels.

Natural Pain Relief

Do you know someone who has chronic neck and back pain from working an office job? Maybe you know someone who is a competitive athlete who struggles with sports-related injuries. In either case, therapeutic massage can be an effective means of providing natural pain relief. This is because it promotes blood flow and muscle relaxation — two things that are necessary for reducing inflammation and protecting muscles from injury. Regular massage can also increase flexibility and range of motion while relieving pressure points to alleviate pain.

Strengthened Immunity

It is no secret that high levels of stress and poor quality of sleep leave us feeling worn down and susceptible to illness. This is because these factors reduce the body’s natural ability to fight off common pathogens and infections. The good news is that regular massage therapy can actually help improve our immune system and enhance the way our body absorbs vitamins and nutrients. Relaxation, improved blood flow, and a more efficient immune system are always good things!

Therapeutic Massage in Fort Collins

When it comes to giving your special someone a gift that is relaxing, rejuvenating, and revitalizing, there is no better option than therapeutic massage therapy services from Xanadu Med Spa. From Swedish and deep tissue massage treatments to aromatherapy massage and osteopathy treatments, your loved one will appreciate the variety of massage services that we offer. Not sure which type of massage your loved one prefers? Spa gift cards are always an appreciated gift! Swing on by our Fort Collins day spa at 2244 East Harmony Road, Suite 100 today or give us a call at 970-289-0838. We look forward to hearing from you!