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QWO Cellulite Removal

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There is an easy way to solve your cellulite problems. QWO Cellulite Removal is an effective and safe injectable cellulite removal system. This method helps eliminate moderate to severe cellulite in just a few weeks.

A Short Process

Of course, yielding such profound results often takes time. However, with the QWO Cellulite Removal system, patients undergo three treatments about 21 days apart. This means that you can have buttocks that you are happy to show off in less than three months. So, whether you are heading to the beach or want to give your sweetheart a better view, you can achieve your goal in a very short time.

No Lasting Scars

With surgeries and other invasive procedures, patients find scars and discoloration that replace their cellulite. With QWO Cellulite Removal, this is not the case. Patients can expect some bruising after the treatment, but it diminishes as the buttocks begin to heal. The first round of QWO Cellulite Removal usually has the most severe or obvious bruising, while subsequent treatments yield fewer profound bruises.

Minimal Pain

After QWO Cellulite Removal, you will likely feel as though you had a good, thorough workout at the gym. Your buttocks muscles will likely be sore, but it is usually not enough to interfere with daily life or activities. Many people even enjoy the soreness, as the after-gym feeling is usually a good kind of pain. No matter the situation, however, the pain is extremely minimal compared with other procedures.


QWO Cellulite Removal is the only injectable cellulite treatment with FDA approval. This means that you have assurance of its safety and efficacy and rely on the benefits and results. No other minimally invasive injectable has been reviewed and approved by the FDA, meaning that QWO is your best option if you don’t want to undergo serious, invasive procedures.

A Targeted Procedure

Your QWO Cellulite Removal practitioner will identify the areas where the skin on the buttocks has dimpled and caused cellulite. This is done when the patient is standing so that we can see the full effect of gravity and all dimpling that occurs. Once we’ve identified the proper areas, we inject QWO Cellulite Removal only in those areas. This targets the procedure and ensures that the skin and tissue without cellulite remains undisturbed.

A Fast Cellulite Treatment

Most appointments take around 10 minutes, meaning that you don’t have to block out a significant amount of time for your appointment. Some people schedule their injections during breaks from work or on days when they’re running errands anyway.

It is important to reiterate that there will be some soreness and bruising. We don’t recommend planning to do activities that may be hindered by this minimal pain and discoloration. We ask that our clients plan accordingly and perhaps do not go to the gym, aim to wear revealing clothes or swimming suits, or plan to sit for long periods immediately after treatment. This is simply for their own comfort.

Who Is Eligible

Many people can benefit from QWO Cellulite Removal treatments. However, they are not for everyone. You should not get QWO Cellulite Removal treatments if you:

-Are pregnant or breastfeeding

-Have issues with bleeding or blood clotting disorders

-Are allergic to collagenases or any other QWO Cellulite Removal ingredients

-Have only minimal cellulite

QWO Cellulite Removal is best for moderate to severe cellulite. For more subtle cases, other methods may be better. Keep in mind that QWO Cellulite Removal is very targeted and potent, so light cases of cellulite do not respond as well.

Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted

Don’t wait until summertime to get the perky, smooth butt you’ve always dreamed of. In less than 10 weeks, you can have amazing buttocks that you will be proud to show off at the beach. Many clients are thrilled with the results of QWO Cellulite Removal treatments and maintain that the procedure was well worth the time and investment. So, no more hiding yourself at the beach or by the pool; QWO Cellulite Removal allows you to put on your bikini with confidence.

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