Chemical Peels in Fort Collins

Rejuvenate Your Skin With Chemical Peels

Our skin is constantly changing. Layers of dead and damaged cells accumulate on our faces causing dull, flaky skin. One of the best ways to improve your skin is with the chemical peels we offer at Xanadu Med Spa.

We offer chemical peels in Fort Collins to treat many issues, including hyperpigmentation, rough or uneven skin texture, wrinkles, and more. Whatever your concerns, our professional-grade products will revive and rejuvenate your skin for a fresh, glowing complexion.

Chemical Peels

Treatment Details

Consultation Required?




Sessions Needed


Results Duration


What It Treats

  • Dullness
  • Flakiness
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Fine lines
  • Acne scars
  • Sun damage
  • Hyperpigmentation

Our Chemical Peel Treatments

Melanage Peel

This Melange peel system uses a medicated invisi-mask and a personalized at-home skin regimen to improve texture and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Jan Marini Medical Clarify Peel

This chemical peel in Fort Collins is ideal for anyone seeking a serious solution for the appearance of acne, acne scarring, and oily skin.

Jan Marini Medical Refine Peel

The Refine peel is great for overall skin rejuvenation, addressing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, mild acne, and light pigmentation. It’s designed for individuals seeking more significant skin rejuvenation in fewer treatments.

Jan Marini Medical Transform Peel

The solution in this peel is the most aggressive of the Jan Marini Medical peel series. It addresses the appearance of hyperpigmentation and advanced sun damage while providing overall skin rejuvenation.

PCA Acne Peel

PCA has dedicated over 25 years to developing customized facials that deliver long-term results. The acne peel targets both active acne and acne scarring for improved skin texture.

PCA Anti-Aging Peel

Safe for all skin types and tones, the PCA anti-aging peels work by naturally increasing elastin and tightening the skin. This, in turn, smooths out wrinkles and fine lines to restore your youthful appearance.

PCA Pigment Peel

Uneven skin tone can be caused by many issues. We offer this chemical peel in Fort Collins to serve as an all-in-one solution for pigment troubles and to even out skin tone.

PCA Preventative Peel

This PCA peel works to reduce growing signs of acne, pigmentation, and wrinkles. To prevent further skin issues, it uses lower doses of active ingredients to maintain the work of previous peels.

PCA General Peel

Have a little bit of everything? The PCA general peel targets multiple skin concerns at once and works especially well for clients interested in getting multiple peels over time.

Benefits of Chemical Peels

Improved Skincare

Not only do peels help improve your skin concerns, but they can cause makeup to appear smoother and increase the effects of your at-home skincare routine.


Chemical peels are customizable and can treat multiple skin concerns—whether you use one peel to treat it all or multiple peels to treat multiple issues.

Personalized Care

Whether you get a light peel or a deep peel, our team members will provide expert aftercare instructions that will help you heal and achieve the best results.

How It Works

Chemical peels are topical solutions used to refresh and rejuvenate the skin through chemical exfoliation.

Peel formulas work by removing dead, dry cells on the surface of the skin, leaving softer, smoother skin behind.

We offer many different chemical peels in Fort Collins. This allows us to customize treatment based on each client’s skin type, needs, and desired results.

Get Started

Not sure where to start? You can find the best treatment using our treatment planning tool. Simply input your unique concerns, and we will send you a personalized list of recommended treatments that will help you accomplish your goals.

Treatment Planning Tool

What to Expect

We ask that you arrive at your appointment without makeup, lotion, or perfume on your face. Your provider will discuss your goals for treatment and then begin your peel appointment by having you lie down. After that, they’ll cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser.

We’ll then apply a customized chemical peel solution to your skin to address your concerns. During your treatment, you’ll get to sit back and relax for about an hour while a Xanadu provider does what they do best—prepare your skin for stunning results.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

These instructions will help ensure your chemical peel appointment runs smoothly.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight for a week before your appointment. We suggest using SPF 30 or higher when going outside.

Do Not Exfoliate

Do not use any other exfoliating products or undergo exfoliation treatments for two weeks before your peel. Over-exfoliation could cause permanent damage to your skin.

Let Us Know

Tell your provider about any medications you’re taking before you start your peel. Certain medications can work against the effects of your chemical peel and cause complications.

Post-Treatment Instructions

Follow these instructions to enhance the efficacy of your chemical peel in Fort Collins.

Protect Your Skin

Continue using a minimum of SPF 30 when outdoors to protect yourself against sun damage. Even 30 minutes without sun protection could cause damage to your skin.

Use Proper Skincare

Do not use skincare products with harsh or active ingredients like retinol or retinoids. Wait about two weeks after your peel to use those products.

Listen To Your Provider

Your provider may provide additional recommendations based on your unique needs. Make sure to listen, and follow their instructions carefully.

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About Xanadu

Improving our clients’ lives through their health and beauty has been our goal at Xanadu since we first purchased the small but relaxing med spa in 2015. After we first opened, however, we quickly learned that our clients needed more medical aesthetic treatments to reach their goals.

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