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Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies. It quite literally covers us from head to toe.

That’s why it’s so important to seek out skin treatments that achieve your goals in a healthy and effective way. Here at Xanadu Med Spa, our expert clinicians help you look and feel your absolute best by providing you with industry-leading med spa and day spa services.

From state-of-the-art lasers to microneedling techniques to medical-grade skincare products and much more, this is where great skin begins.

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Not sure where to start? You can find the best treatment using our treatment planning tool. Simply input your unique concerns, and we will send you a personalized list of recommended treatments that will help you accomplish your goals.

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We’ve spent a decade investing in advanced training and state-of-the-art aesthetic devices so that you get more from your time at Xanadu Med Spa. There’s no need to travel from facility to facility. We have everything ready for your needs, from day spa pampering to topical skin treatments in Fort Collins!

Better Experience

Xanadu is a client-centered med spa with an expansive selection of skin treatments in Fort Collins. We’re disrupting the industry by creating an elegant but wholly approachable med spa experience. No pushy sales, no bossy advice. We center our care on creating your best experience so that you can feel the best about yourself.

Body Contouring

We’re the only med spa in the area that has a free-standing body contouring center! Whether you’re putting the final touches on your physique, or working to rebuild your core, we’ve got a dedicated suite full of body-contouring treatments that deliver focused creation of muscle mass while reducing fatty deposits.

Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Addressing your skin tone, texture, and health is just the beginning of your journey to improved wellness, enhanced look, and a life filled with confidence and energy.

We invite you to explore the other service options offered at Xanadu Med Spa for health, relaxation, and aesthetic improvement—the best self-care investments in the Fort Collins area.


About Xanadu

Xanadu Med Spa offers the largest selection of state-of-the-art equipment and skin treatments in Fort Collins and the surrounding North Denver area.

We started as a soul-soothing day spa. Soon enough, we wanted to do more for our clients, and we began incorporating true medical aesthetics into our services.

We synergistically combine innovative technology, advanced technique, and positive energy to create the most confident elevated version of yourself.

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