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The male anatomy differs more from its female counterpart than some are led to believe. That’s why when considering body contouring or any other kind of fat reduction treatment, it is vital to speak to the experts.

At Xanadu Med Spa, we are highly trained and experienced in specialist body sculpting techniques designed with the male body in mind.

It is all about creating a shapelier profile and working on the body to ensure it looks exactly how you want it. There are many factors that can affect your ideal look, from stubborn fat cells to stubborn pockets of cellulite and much more besides. Each body is different, which is why we make a point of ensuring that our Windsor body contouring for men services are tailored to your shape and lifestyle.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you achieve long-lasting results either in specific areas or across all areas of the body, call us today for a free consultation at 970-591-7919.

What Does Body Contouring at Xanadu Involve?

At the most basic level, body contouring is the same for men and women alike. It begins with patients speaking to an expert about their goals and the creation of a custom treatment plan following the initial consultation.

Many patients believe that body contouring involves surgery. However, this does not have to be the case, thanks to our BodyFX treatment. It has been specifically designed to treat cellulite and address pockets of fat throughout the body. Crucially, it is a completely non-invasive procedure, relying on high amplitude nano-second pulses rather than a surgical knife.

As well as being more comfortable, most patients will recover far more quickly than with surgery and will be able to enjoy their slimmer appearance and reach their desired results sooner.

The BodyFX body contouring system uses heat to shrink fat cells without piercing the skin’s surface, and it is an effective treatment for skin tightening and the removal of unwanted fat in any treatment area on the body.

What To Expect from Body Sculpting Treatment at Xanadu

One of the biggest advantages of BodyFX body sculpting over surgical treatments and other techniques is that, as noted, it is completely non-invasive. Rather than cutting into your abdomen, arms, buttocks, and other body parts to reduce fat, the process takes place entirely above the skin using heat and a radio frequency to target affected areas.

This non-invasive approach means that every patient can achieve optimal results while reducing recovery time to practically zero. Indeed, as with many of our scientifically proven techniques and technologies, our patients can walk in, receive their treatments and leave immediately, just like a hair removal appointment.

The fat reduction treatment itself is far from painful. You will be able to feel yourself getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat but without any discomfort. This is because our BodyFX treatments cause warming and sucking sensations. Once the skin reaches the optimal temperature, a quick pulse of electromagnetic energy is fired into the skin, which generally feels like a firm tap on the skin.

Many consider it a step up on fat-freezing treatments and fat-freezing technology as a whole. Fat-freezing results can be fantastic, but there is always a risk that rather than dissolving when frozen, it is stimulated and encouraged to grow. Such side effects are far less likely when undergoing heat and energy-based fat reduction procedures.

Once again, we take incredible pride in tailoring our treatments to men and women alike, and we will discuss not only your aesthetic goals but also your tolerance levels and available options as part of the complimentary consultation.

Your Unique Fat Reduction Treatment Schedule

All bodies are different, and the plan to get rid of excess fat on your body will be unique to you. Typically, a patient will undergo a course of six to eight treatments. They might take place weekly or biweekly or may be spread out across a number of months.

This varies depending on the amount of cellulite and stubborn fat cells in the body and other lifestyle choices. For example, someone with a consistent diet that undertakes regular exercise may see increased weight loss results between sessions, reducing the number required for optimum results.

Which Areas of the Body Can Be Contoured?

Our body sculpting techniques are incredibly versatile, and we typically say that anywhere that attracts excess fat cells is a candidate for treatment. Typically, our treatments can help you reduce fat across:

  • Upper arms
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Hips and waist
  • Upper and lower back

One treated area does not preclude treatment on another as part of the same procedure. However, we typically work on areas where the largest number of fat cells reside first. This ensures that if our treatments do not cover the entire body in each session, it is easier to see results. Indeed, as the treatment progresses, many clients find muscles emerging they might not have known they had!

Are There Any Side Effects?

Our BodyFX treatment is so gentle that you might not even notice it while it happens. It was designed to perfectly balance comfort and weight loss effectiveness. As such, it is suitable for almost all skin types, and there are no negative side effects. Indeed, the only additional factor is more a bonus than a side effect, as our treatment will often encourage the skin on your treatment areas to tighten around the area of the removed fat.

Can I Combine Body Sculpting With Other Treatments?

Typically, patients have no restrictions on what they can do following a BodyFX treatment. Recovery is essentially instant, and the treatment does not preclude them from undertaking any other procedure. It also leaves them free to diet and exercise or to build muscle as they see fit, in line with their weight loss goals.

With that in mind, one of the most significant advantages of choosing Xanadu for your treatment is the range of other treatments available. You may want to remove cellulite from your thighs through a body contouring procedure. However, you might just as well want to take care of the stretch marks that the cellulite caused.

From further fat reduction treatments to the use of dermal fillers and much more, we always ensure that our clients have access to an industry-leading selection of products and procedures.

Our experts are on hand throughout to answer any questions you might have about current and upcoming treatments and to discuss complementary procedures to further meet your aesthetic ambitions.

Are Body Sculpting Results Permanent?

Our clients will start to see results relatively quickly once they undergo BodyFX sculpting. However, while it is an industry-leading treatment, it cannot stop nature! We encourage all our clients to maintain a healthy diet during and after the treatment to make it more difficult for fat and cellulite to return following the treatment.

Call Xanadu Med Spa For Your Male Body Contouring Needs in Colorado

Xanadu Med Spa is the home of world-leading technologies and expertise right here in the heart of Colorado. We welcome male clients from Windsor and across the state to sample our unrivaled selection of treatments, products, and procedures that can all help with ensuring you are everything you want to be.

From reducing fat and cellulite with cutting-edge techniques – and without the actual cutting – to dealing with wrinkles and stretch marks, we work tirelessly to achieve the results you deserve.

It all starts with a free consultation, and you can reach us right away. We will help you to come up with a plan for fat and cellulite removal and explain exactly how our body sculpting services can help. What’s more, we offer specialized services for men, and you can always rely on our commitment to a discreet service.

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