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Do you feel insecure about wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks, or sagging skin? Luckily, there are many noninvasive treatments that are available to you that can improve skin texture and tighten skin!

At Xanadu Spa, Fort Collins, we offer a range of beauty treatments. One of our most popular skin treatments is microneedling. Microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) microneedling are both cosmetic procedures used to improve the appearance of the skin, but they differ in their mechanisms of action and the specific skin concerns they target.  One advanced type of RF Microneedling is the Morpheus8.  At Xanadu Med Spa we offer all three modalities.  We use the INMODE Morpheus8® laser system to restore aged skin and contour your face or small areas of your body. This treatment works best on the lower face (or jowls), the upper arms, or the back area where “bra fat rolls” can develop. The Morpheus8 system is a “Subdermal Adipose Remodeling Device” (SARD) that targets adipose (or fat) on your face or body to provide a slimmer contour and smoother skin texture.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, involves the use of a device with tiny, fine needles that create controlled micro-injuries on the skin’s surface. These micro-injuries stimulate the skin’s natural healing process, leading to the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential proteins for skin elasticity and firmness. As the skin heals, it becomes smoother, firmer, and more even-toned. Microneedling is commonly used to address issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, enlarged pores, and overall skin texture improvement.

What is Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling

On the other hand, RF microneedling combines traditional microneedling with the application of radiofrequency energy. The microneedles used in this procedure are equipped with electrodes that deliver RF energy into the deeper layers of the skin while creating micro-injuries. The application of radiofrequency heat stimulates collagen and elastin production, similar to traditional microneedling. However, the added benefit of RF energy is that it tightens the existing collagen fibers and promotes even greater collagen remodeling. RF microneedling is particularly effective for addressing skin laxity, sagging, and improving overall skin texture.

The fractional remodeling involved in the INMODE Morpheus8® treatment in Fort Collins promotes the production of new collagen to improve skin elasticity. Collagen is one of the compounds found your body that’s responsible for taut skin. 

Benefits of InMode Morpheus8

The Morpheus8® penetrates the deep layers of your tissues and fat to alter, or ‘morph,” the physical properties of your body or face and create a smoother contour.  It’s a fractional remodeling device that includes these benefits:

  • Provides safe, effective treatment that penetrates 4,000 microns into the skin and thermal energy that extends an additional 1,000 or more microns.
  • Delivers even results that look natural.
  • Thermal energy from the laser does not damage the skin tissue in the area.
  • Works on all skin tones with fewer risks of hyperpigmentation and inflammation on dark skin colors than other available options.

The fractional remodeling involved in the INMODE Morpheus8® treatment in Fort Collins promotes the production of new collagen to improve skin elasticity. Collagen is one of the compounds found your body that’s responsible for taut skin. The Morpheus8® eliminates pockets of fat in the treated area to give you a better contour with a youthful texture. This laser system enhances your overall appearance and revives aging skin.  You’ll notice results immediately that look natural and radiant.


What Does RF Microneedling Feel Like?

RF microneedling can cause different sensations during the procedure, but most patients report feeling a combination of mild discomfort and heat. Here’s what you might experience during an RF microneedling session:

  1. Discomfort: The microneedling process involves tiny needles being applied to the skin, which can cause a slight scratching or pricking sensation. The discomfort level is usually mild, and many individuals tolerate it well. If you have a low pain tolerance, your practitioner may apply a topical numbing cream before the procedure to help minimize any discomfort.

  2. Heat: The radiofrequency energy used in RF microneedling generates heat within the deeper layers of the skin. As a result, you might feel a warm or hot sensation during the treatment. The intensity of the heat can vary depending on the energy settings used by the practitioner.

  3. Tingling or Tightness: Some individuals may experience a tingling sensation or mild skin tightness as a result of the radiofrequency energy stimulating collagen production and skin tightening.

  4. Cool Air: To help mitigate any discomfort from the heat, some practitioners use a device that blows cool air on the treated area during the procedure.

What Exactly is Radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency (RF) refers to a type of electromagnetic energy that is used in various fields, including medicine, telecommunications, and electronics. In the medical aesthetics field, RF technology is commonly used for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and overall skin rejuvenation. RF energy is delivered to the deeper layers of the skin, where it generates controlled heat. This heat stimulates the production of collagen, which is a crucial protein responsible for skin elasticity and firmness.

Are Radiofrequency Treatments Safe?

RF treatments are safe and effective. Although RF energy is a type of radiation, they are low energy waves, around a billion times less harmful than X-rays.

How Many Treatments of RF Microneedling Will I Need?

The number of treatments you will require will depend on your specific skin type and goals. However, most people need three to four treatments over six weeks. Deep wrinkles or scarring may require more treatments.

What is Recovery Like After RF Microneedling?

Microneedling RF treatments are non-invasive and require little to no downtime. You may experience some temporary swelling, redness, and tingling, but this should begin to improve within a few hours. However, you should not use makeup on the day of treatment.

Most people return to work the next day, but patients may require up to five days for a full recovery.

Is RF Microneedling Right for Me?

RF microneedling is suitable for all skin types, including darker skin tones, which are often unsuitable for other skin resurfacing treatments. If you have wrinkles, scarring, uneven skin tone, or loose facial skin, then RF microneedling could benefit you.

The only people not suitable for RF microneedling treatment are people who are pregnant, have had radiation treatments in the past year, or have taken the anti-acne medication Accutane within the last six months. RF microneedling is also not advisable if you have skin infections, open wounds, or a history of keloid scar formation.

At Xanadu Spa, we offer a free consultation. One of our expert technicians will review your goals and your skin needs and will advise you on your suitability for treatment. We offer a broad range of treatments and will explore all of your options so that you can make an informed choice.

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