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Better Skincare, Better Results at Your Clinic in Fort Collins

Effective home skincare starts by using the best, medical-grade products.

Our curated selection of industry-trusted, healthy, high-end med spa products ensures that you get great results from your personal skincare routine. Our selections are superior at supporting treatment results—helping your skin look and feel better, longer.

Whether for your own use or as a well-received gift for someone special, our selection of products helps clients relax and pamper themselves—while knowing that this investment in self-care delivers real results.

Discover the Difference


The Epicutis line of eco-conscious skincare products got their start in a Princeton research lab, where advanced biotech methods created an amazing line of products that are “clinical, kind, clean and green.”  Epicutis brand products have no added fragrance, are never tested on animals, are EWG Verified™, Proposition 65-compliant, and approved for use in the European Union. That means they meet much stricter skincare safety standards than in the U.S.

Jan Marini

As a recognized leader and innovator in medical-grade skincare products, Jan Marini Skin Research is always expanding and improving the industry’s best-in-product technology. Their single products and skincare systems transform lives, enhancing confidence while reducing issues such as acne, rosacea, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. Adding Jan Marini products to your home skincare routine delivers healthy, hydrated, youthful-looking skin!


The eyes are considered the window to the soul, playing a major role in almost every facial expression we make. Eye contact connects us and makes us feel good (hello natural oxytocin release). Latisse® products give you longer, fuller, and darker eyelashes gradually, allowing a naturally beautiful, doe-eyed look. It can even stimulate the re-growth of eyelashes! We offer Latisse products that are FDA-approved and ready to deliver luscious lashes within 16 weeks.


Nouriche Mèdical & Nouriche Naturalle

Developed in-house, Nouriche skincare products by Xanadu Med Spa use only the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to provide patients with system-based, results-driven, and cosmetically elegant formulations. Nouriche delivers safe, superior results, treating numerous conditions and patient skin types. Our FDA-registered laboratory and manufacturing facility follows the most rigorous pharmaceutical manufacturing standards to ensure safe and effective formulations, dermatologist-tested without ever testing on animals.



Those who want visibly thicker, stronger hair can achieve these enhancements naturally from the follicle up—with Nutrafol from Xanadu Med Spa. Address thinning hair, excessive hair shedding, and brittle/breakable hair quality with Nutrafol’s marine collagen peptides. This formulation delivers moisture and Vitamin D to the scalp, increasing collagen and elastin stores for stronger hair while stimulating current and/or new hair growth.

Pain Wizard

Simply put, this is not your average pain cream! Pain Wizard penetrates deeply and acts quickly, addressing your pain and inflammation for lasting relief. Pain Wizard’s advanced, deep-penetrating, fast-acting pain relieving cream isn’t greasy or oily, and it doesn’t stain your clothes. Use Pain Wizard to get relief from the inflammation and pain of arthritis, bursitis, and tendonitis, as well as aches in the back, neck, hips, elbows, and knees.

PCA Skin

PCA Skin was founded on the idea that developing products that deliver transformative solutions—backed by clinically-backed scientific research and careful testing with patients in medical practices (no animals)—can improve not just skin, but lives as well. All PCA skincare products are formulated to work together so that you can create a personalized skin care regimen and achieve cumulative results for skin issues and preventative goals.


When you’re ready for healthier and flawless skin, Phytomer skincare products offer healthy, all-natural beauty choices that are certified organic. Developed and produced in France, Phytomer skincare products are created using rich, natural sea-based ingredients. These high-quality, ecologically-responsible formulas use marine bio-technologies and sustainable practices for products that are a pleasure to use as they help your skin achieve a healthy, beautiful glow.



Upneeq eyedrops effectively reduce the appearance of blepharoptosis or ptosis—also known as drooping lids. By temporarily lifting the eyelid, Upneeq can significantly improve the symmetry of the eyes, leading to a more appealing, balanced, and youthful appearance. Upneeq is fast-acting and effective, too. Come to our skin clinic in Fort Collins to see if Upneeq is right for you, and start feeling confident in your appearance in no time.

Vital Body

Imagine home skincare products that not only improve skin health, they reduce pain too. That’s exactly what two professional massage therapists did, and after years of painstaking testing, they created the Vital Body line of effective, innovative CBD products. These refined formulas utilize organic hemp CBD along with arnica, comfrey, eucalyptus, ginger and other natural ingredients. Vital Body’s luxurious products nourish skin even as they reduce pain, leaving you feeling inspired, at ease, and reminded of your inner vitality.

About Xanadu

Xanadu Med Spa & Skin Clinic in Fort Collins offers the largest selection of treatments and state-of-the-art equipment in the  North Denver area.

We started as a soul-soothing day spa. Soon enough, we wanted to do more for our clients, and we began incorporating true medical aesthetics into our services.

We synergistically combine innovative technology, advanced technique, and positive energy to create the most confident elevated version of yourself.

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