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What Is Medical Weight Loss?

So many men and women spend years of their life trying to lose weight. Sometimes it can be more complicated than you may think to lose weight in a sustainable and long-term way that means you will maintain your weight loss permanently. It is also easy to become disheartened and give up on weight loss when you don’t see the results you want. 

Xanadu Med Spa medical weight loss treatments combine structured nutrition and physical exercise with effective medications to help you to stick to your program and achieve better results. We use the latest scientific advancements in medical weight loss, alongside expertly created nutrition and physical activity plans, to help you achieve the best possible results and reach your body goals. 

Unlike fad diets, a medical weight loss program from Xanadu Med Spa can help you to achieve long-lasting results and build healthy lifestyle habits that will stay with you forever. You will be supported by our experienced team with regular check-ins and counseling sessions to guide you and encourage you throughout the whole process. 

The Xanadu Med Spa team is proud and happy to help more people finally achieve their weight loss targets and feel the confidence they deserve to feel. 

To speak to a member of our team about how medical weight loss can help you, call Xanadu Med Spa at 970-591-7919  to book your complimentary consultation.

Medical Weight Loss Programs At Xanadu Med Spa

If you sign up for a medical weight loss program at Xanadu Med Spa, your bespoke treatment plan will combine expert nutritional advice, exercise plans, and medications, to help you reach your ideal healthy weight. Your goals, current weight, and medical history will be taken into account when deciding upon the perfect plan for you. 


Weight loss medications may be combined into your treatment program to support fat loss, reduce appetite and improve energy levels to aid physical activity. These medications can substantially increase the effectiveness of your medical weight loss program. Often, continuing to exercise with low energy levels or adhering to a healthy diet when you are hungry is challenging. These medications are highly effective at supporting you in maintaining your program commitments during those difficult stages. 

Similarly, the effects of vitamin and mineral deficiencies can make weight loss and adherence to your program harder. You may be prescribed medication to address any underlying deficiencies you have to boost your overall health and well-being and further support your weight loss. 

Physical Activity

Physical activity and exercise are essential components of healthy weight loss. Don’t worry, this does not mean you have to be in the gym seven days a week! We will work with you to develop a realistic activity plan that fits with your daily schedule that you can stick to. Even activities such as increasing how much you walk and how often you take the stairs instead of the elevator can support your weight loss goals. 


Your diet plan will incorporate the essential foundations of nutrition to support weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Food is vital to health, and to lose weight is a sustainable way you must continue to eat well but make the right food choices. 

High-protein meals with complex whole foods will ensure you continue to feel full while consuming fewer calories than you were previously. A high-protein diet is also key to supporting muscle maintenance, which, in turn, boosts your metabolism and means that you burn more calories at rest. Maintaining your muscle during weight loss is important, as it also helps support your bones, protect you from injury, and give you that overall toned, lean appearance. 

Through your medical weight loss program, you will practice healthy eating habits and learn how to fuel your body for optimal health. This is the knowledge that you can maintain and continue to implement long after you have completed your plan and that you can also pass on to friends and family looking to improve their health and weight. 

Weight Loss Medications At Xanadu Med Spa

The medications included in your medical weight loss program will be carefully chosen to suit your requirements and specific circumstances. Medications can include appetite suppressants and energy boosters. Xanadu Med Spa also provides Vitamin B12 injections to boost overall health and improve your weight loss results. In addition to Lipotropic injections, which contain a carefully designed combination of vitamins and nutrients to help burn fat. 


During your consultation with our expert team, it may be decided that Phentermine will be the best medication to support you on your medical weight loss plan. This FDA-approved medication boosts your energy levels while simultaneously suppressing your appetite. 

This medication can benefit your weight loss journey significantly and increase the results you achieve at the end of your program. The increased energy allows you to keep up your physical activity targets despite the potential dip in energy from a lower-calorie diet. Similarly, these appetite-suppressing properties mean that patients find it much easier to follow their diet plan and don’t suffer from excess hunger. Phentermine is an extremely effective medication to influence weight loss and has supported many Xanadu patients to achieve impressive results. 


Semaglutide is an FDA-approved medical treatment to aid patients’ weight loss. The medication is administered through weekly injections and can yield impressive results. This treatment is used mostly for weight management in overweight adults who have at least one weight-related condition.

These weekly injections mimic natural hormones and affect your insulin secretion. In turn, the changes in these bodily processes reduce your hunger and appetite and help you eat less food or follow a diet plan. When combined with the other elements of a weight loss program, including a healthy diet and exercise, Semaglutide can help patients to lose up to two pounds a week. Due to the effectiveness of Semaglutide, a calorie-deficit diet is not required to lose weight, it can simply just speed up your results.

How Can I Benefit From Medical Weight Loss?

Weight management is a crucial part of self-care and maintaining your physical and mental health. Individuals with a high body mass index (BMI) are at increased risk of many health complications and illnesses. Common health problems that accompany a high BMI include high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, aches and pains, and an increased risk of strokes and heart disease. 

Losing weight as part of a medical weight loss program can help you reduce the risk of facing serious health conditions in the future. Similarly, with the knowledge and expertise you will have built throughout your program, and your improved confidence and fitness, you will be well-equipped to maintain your weight and healthy lifestyle choices. You can even use this knowledge to lose more weight by yourself in the future if you choose to. 

Many Xanadu medical weight loss program clients report extensive health benefits after completing their plan, such as improved energy levels, ease of breathing while exercising and in daily life, better fitness levels, lower blood pressure, less body pain and aches, and an overall feeling of vitality and confidence in themselves. 

What To Expect From Medical Weight Loss Treatment At Xanadu Med Spa

The first step of your medical weight loss program is your initial exam with an experienced practitioner. Once you have decided upon the right bespoke plan for your goals and circumstances, you will receive a diet plan, a physical activity and exercise plan, and your specific course of medication. 

Throughout your program, you will be supported with regular checkups and weigh-ins to monitor how you are getting on with your plan and your weight loss progress. You will also receive counseling sessions to monitor your physical and mental well-being throughout your program. Some medications require mandatory weaning-off periods to improve the longevity of your results and prevent future weight gain. This weaning period will be explained to you and included in your overall plan to ensure you get the best long-term results. 

Book A Free Consultation And Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today!

Losing weight alone can be challenging. A Xanadu medical weight management program means you don’t have to figure out your weight loss journey by yourself. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable medical weight loss practitioners is here to help you develop an effective plan to help you reach your goals. We understand how frustrating continuous dieting and ineffective weight loss plans can be when you don’t get the results you expect. This is why we are proud to offer our bespoke, effective, and medically-supported approach to weight loss. 

Through your plan, you can not only achieve impressive results, but you will gain knowledge and develop lifelong habits that can help you avoid any future weight gain and maintain the body you have worked hard for. 

If you undergo a medical weight loss program with Xanadu Med Spa, you can relax knowing that you are receiving the best possible support with expert advice and medical tools to achieve the best results and improve your health, confidence, and happiness. 

To discuss what your individual medical weight loss program could look like and the results you can expect, schedule a free consultation today. Call the Xanadu Med Spa team at 970-591-7919  to book.

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