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For some people, weight management is an ongoing struggle. Strict diet plans, trending supplements, and rigorous exercise routines all promise to quickly give you the body of your dreams, but they often fail to meet the mark. Whether it’s fleeting willpower, hormone imbalance, or stubborn fat, the truth is that weight loss is harder for some people than others.

At Xanadu Med Spa, we offer a variety of medical weight loss treatments that can support you on your journey to achieving your goals. We offer a free consultation where we will review your struggles and your goals so that we can determine which treatment, or combination of treatments, will deliver the best results for you.

To arrange a free consultation with a medical weight loss professional near Windsor, Colorado, call Xanadu Spa today at 970-591-7919.

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is a term used to describe a variety of med-spa treatments that can help people lose weight.

At Xanadu Spa, an expert will review your body type, goals, and metabolism to craft the ideal program for you. Medical aesthetics for weight loss include FDA-approved appetite suppressants, Lipotropic injections, B12 Injections, fat-burning supplements, HCG diet packages, and much more. We are committed to helping our patients lose weight effectively and sustainably.

How Does it Work?

In your initial consultation, we will discuss your weight loss goals, medical history, family history, and surgical history. We will also give you a physical examination involving body measurements, blood pressure monitoring, and routine blood work.

Weight loss medicine works differently for each individual. At Xanadu Spa, we will take your physical needs and body composition analysis into account before tailoring an individualized weight loss program.

Your weight loss plan could include a nutritional plan, exercise program, weekly vitamins injections, counseling sessions, regular weigh-ins, and prescription medications to help revitalize your metabolism.

We will check in with you regularly to review your progress and make adjustments where necessary. Once you meet your goal target weight, we will also continue to support you in maintaining your goals.

What Are The Top Medical Aesthetics For Weight Loss?

Everyone has different needs when it comes to weight loss, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. At Xanadu Spa, we offer a range of innovative treatments, including:

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

Our physician supervised HCG weight loss program aims to increase your metabolism and rid your body of stored fat. Our bodies have evolved to store fat to prevent the body from starving when food becomes scarce. As a result, when people cut down on how much they are eating, the body can sometimes store more fat.

The HCG weight loss program activates stored fat so it can be used and burned away. If the diet plan is followed, patients may lose one pound per day.

The program, which is based on over 60 years of ground-breaking research via clinical trials, can help most people shed fat safely and quickly. It includes an initial exam, low calorie diet, physician monitored meditation, counseling and regular weight ins and follow-up visits.

In our medical practice, we have seen consistent positive results in almost every client. It has helped thousands of people lose weight and make lasting changes that improve their health. It is an incredibly rewarding program to facilitate and we love helping people achieve their weight loss goals!


Phentermine and the chemically related medications phendimetrazine and diethylpropion, are FDA-approved appetite suppressants designed to reduce your appetite and boost your energy levels. It involves a 4-8 week course of medication.

We will also work with you to determine a diet plan and exercise program that works for your lifestyle. We also offer regular visits, weigh-ins and counseling sessions.

When used in conjunction with a weight loss program, these drugs are extremely effective for helping people lose weight. They work by changing the chemistry in the brain to decrease hunger. These medications can help you take back control of your appetite and food cravings. They also increase your satiety, meaning you feel fuller sooner when you eat.

Phentermine and related medications are very safe. Phentermine has been on the market since 1959 and has been used by millions of patients. They have never been linked to a serious medical complication.


If you are deficient in essential vitamins and nutrients, you will find it very difficult to lose weight, as your body cannot function optimally. For example, B12 can boost energy and speed up metabolism in those who are deficient and can be an effective weight loss tool.

Lipotropics involves injections that include various components to help clients lose fat. These include Vitamin B12, L-Carnitine, Methionine, Inositol, Choline, B-complex vitamins, and other essential nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids.

Each nutrient plays an important role in the way your body metabolizes food and burns fat. These injections are safe and have benefits to weight loss, energy levels, and overall well-being. When combined with a proper exercise routine and diet, you could experience exceptional results.

What Does Medical Weight Loss Involve?

Our medical weight loss program has been created involving weekly visits to help you achieve your weight loss goals. It could include a combination of:

Prescription Medications

Prescription medications can suppress your appetite and can have a dramatic effect on how much weight you can lose in a short amount of time. It can also improve your mood and energy and give you the motivation to exercise.

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition consists of a high protein, low fat, and low-calorie diet, as well as an increase of water intake. Protein can speed up your metabolism and preserve lean body tissue while you lose weight. It also helps you stay fuller for longer. Drinking plenty of water can also help you to feel full and helps flush the byproducts of weight loss.

We will help you formulate a diet plan that works for you and your lifestyle. It is not about going hungry; instead, we will help you adjust what you eat so that you feel satisfied and have more energy.

Physical Exercise

We will also help you work out an exercise program that works for you. It should include a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise for at least an hour 3 times a week. This will speed up your metabolism and help you maintain motivation.

Why Choose Xanadu Med Spa For Windsor Medical Weight Loss

If you are looking for a weight loss clinic in Northern Colorado, then look no further than Xanadu Med Spa. We are proud of our luxurious facilities and cutting-edge treatments.

Our skilled estheticians are trained to the highest standards and only use the highest quality treatments. We are committed to helping you reach your goals and educating you to eat and live well to ensure long-lasting results!

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We offer a broad range of impressive treatments that will help you finally achieve the body of your dreams.

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