CoolSculpting: 12 Frequently Asked Questions

Any weight loss journey has its challenges. If you’ve dieted, exercised, and even used weight loss programs, you may be frustrated by a few stubborn pockets of unwanted fat on your body. It can feel incredibly discouraging to deal with lingering fat that won’t disappear no matter what you do. At Xanadu Med Spa in Fort Collins, CO, we know one of the best treatments to contour the body is CoolSculpting, a non-surgical solution to removing stubborn fat.

CoolSculpting: 12 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that targets unwanted fat cells through cryolipolysis. This treatment essentially damages fat cells by freezing them to a point where they can no longer survive. Over time, your body naturally discards these damaged fat cells through normal metabolic processes. Without any surgery or painful recovery times, you can easily contour your body into the shape of your dreams.

2. How Does This Treatment Work?

This treatment works through the process of cryolipolysis. Research shows that fat cells are vulnerable to especially low temperatures, so when fat cells reach a degree where they can no longer survive, the body naturally gets rid of the cells. The cryolipolysis portion of this treatment is delivered through an assortment of applicators, which rest on the skin and generate rapid cooling energy to target unwanted cells.

Your treatment appointments will generally take about 35 minutes to complete, or longer if you are treating multiple areas of the body at one time. A total round of successful treatment can cause around 20% reduction of unwanted fat cells. With this treatment, all you need to do is sit and let the applicators do their work.

3. Where Can You Use This Treatment?

This treatment can be used on virtually every area of the body that has unwanted pockets of fat that do not go away with diet and exercise. Both women and men use this treatment on areas such as the abdomen, flanks, back, underarms, thighs, chest, chin, knees, and more. Women also use this treatment to reduce fat on the bra area, including around the shoulders.

4. Does This Treatment Hurt?

No, this treatment doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, this is the most comfortable body contouring treatment available to patients. Unlike some other fat-melting treatments, there is no need to prepare your skin with topical ointments to make the treatment comfortable. The cooling technology is powerful enough to chill unwanted fat cells without damaging skin tissues or underlying organs. Some patients even nap during their treatment appointments.

5. What Should You Do Before Treatment?

Because this treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical, there isn’t much preparation you will have to do before your appointment. However, you will likely be instructed to avoid taking any medications or supplements that may thin the blood. We also may recommend hydrating well before your appointment or eating lightly.

6. What Should You Do After Treatment?

After your treatment appointments, there are several things you may want to do to ensure you get the best results. Some people like to lightly massage the treatment area for a few minutes immediately after the treatment to further break down unwanted fat cells. Others like to get back to their normal exercise schedule on the same day as their treatment to encourage better metabolism to remove unwanted fat more quickly.

7. How Many Treatments Will You Need?

The best way to get optimal results from this treatment is to attend multiple sessions. Most people will need about two to three treatment sessions for each area of treatment in order to achieve ideal results. Your appointments are usually spaced about one month apart to give your skin adequate recovery time between treatments.

Although this treatment is powerful, repeated sessions for stubborn areas of fat will be able to more precisely reduce unwanted fat. Some patients schedule extra sessions to further improve their results. We will advise you on the ideal number of treatments for you to achieve your body goals.

8. When Will You See Results?

Most people will be able to see the results of this treatment within two to three months. Although the fat cells targeted by this treatment are destroyed immediately, it takes some time for your body to flush these fat cells away. It’s important to be patient after your final treatment. Some people may not see significant results until two months after their last treatment session.

9. Are Results Permanent?

Yes, the results of this treatment can be considered permanent. The main reason this treatment has such great longevity is that fat cells that are destroyed with the treatment have no way of returning – once fat cells are dead, they stay dead and cannot regenerate.

However, patients should be cautious about any remaining fat cells left behind by the treatment, as these cells will still be able to expand to store more fat. In other words, if patients want to enjoy long-lasting results, they should be sure to be careful about future weight gain.

10. What Is the Best Way to Maintain Results?

Avoiding gaining weight is the best way to maintain your results. This means adopting healthy lifestyle practices, such as limiting alcohol consumption, eating a healthy diet, and regularly exercising to maintain your body shape. You can enjoy long-lasting results from this body contouring treatment when you take care of your body and avoid significant weight gain.

11. What Are the Benefits?

There are several benefits to consider with this treatment. For example, this is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment, which means you will not have any downtime after your treatment. The results for this treatment will also appear natural, which isn’t always true of surgical options like liposuction. Even more impressively, the results of this treatment can last a lifetime as long as you take care to avoid weight gain.

12. Who Are Good Candidates in Fort Collins, CO?

People who are within ten to twenty pounds of their ideal healthy weight are generally good candidates for this treatment. This is not a weight-loss treatment, so you should not expect to lose significant amounts of weight; however, you may be able to shed at least one dress or pant size with this treatment. People with mild to moderate pockets of unwanted fat are generally the best candidates for this treatment.

Good candidates include people who are committed to healthy lifestyle practices, as well as women who are not currently pregnant. Some women may want to postpone this treatment until they are no longer planning to have children, as pregnancy will cause weight gain that will undo the results of this body contouring treatment.

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary body contouring treatment that uses the power of cooling technology to destroy unwanted fat cells. This FDA-approved treatment can be used to treat virtually all areas of the body with minimal discomfort or downtime. If you’re looking for a treatment that can help you finally achieve the body of your dreams so you can finish your weight loss journey, then this body contouring treatment is ideal for you. For more information about CoolSculpting, please contact Xanadu Med Spa in Fort Collins, CO today to schedule your consultation.