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Many adults underestimate the effect that nutrition can have on our physical health and emotional wellness. Most understand the basics, such as that if you want to lose weight, it is often best to follow a specific diet. However, these diets rarely take into account the individual.

Nutritional therapy allows clients to work with a registered dietitian to implement diet and lifestyle changes that will make a genuine difference not to the general public but to themselves and their unique bodies.

Crucially, our experts consider every aspect of your unique circumstances to provide complete guidance on achieving optimal health through what you eat. Whether you have certain lifestyle factors that influence what you eat and when, have suffered from eating disorders in the past, or even have a family history of heart disease, our balanced nutrition counseling seeks out the root cause and maps out exactly what fuel you need for health and happiness.

Explore the Finest Nutritional Therapy in Fort Collins at Xanadu Med Spa

At Xanadu Med Spa in Fort Collins, our goal is to ensure that all of our clients look and feel their best. Good nutrition is the foundation of general wellness. We provide a range of medical nutrition services to ensure the people we work with can take control of their health and lifestyle habits to feel better than ever before.

If you feel you could benefit from body nutrition counseling or want to speak to a certified eating disorder specialist about any concerns you might have that prevent you from achieving vibrant health, call us today to discover if we are a good fit at 970-591-7919.

What Is Nutritional Therapy?

Like most things in life, the human body doesn’t come with a handbook. Everybody knows that we must eat to survive, but when each body is different, and we are bombarded with ads for junk food, fad diets, and more on a daily basis, it becomes impossible to determine the best possible course of action.

Nutritional therapy seeks to take a holistic approach to nutrition, starting not with the food but with the person. At Xanadu Med Spa, we consider your physical and mental health, goals, and dietary preferences to help formulate a plan for optimal nutrition. Ultimately, we look to create plans and goals rooted in reality, not based on generally accepted nutritional practice.

Nutritional therapy also helps to address specific issues with the body and mind directly. Food is complex, and people have different nutritional needs depending on their consumption. The vitamins and minerals that enter your body can impact not only high blood pressure and high cholesterol but also stress management and behavioral health conditions.

We provide education and support while also ensuring that people in Fort Collins and the surrounding areas make a point of establishing exactly what they want to achieve. From there, we work together at every appointment to ensure that our clients have the knowledge and resources they need to achieve those goals.

How Xanadu Med Spa Can Help

Our Fort Collins med spa focuses on your lifestyle and wellness as a whole, taking into account various different factors to establish the best course of action to ensure you are always operating at your best. This holistic approach means that nothing is off-limits as we seek to address the root cause of any issues you might face and have the expertise, technology, and professional-grade supplements on hand to help ensure you make the changes required to achieve optimal health and live your best life.

Our entire service offering is based on the fact that every person is different and that each client has pursued a different journey. We appreciate that everything from the environment to personal experience can influence what constitutes the best possible outcome, and we strive to ensure that people can access the guidance they need to meet their goals.

As such, we thrive on providing personalized service, and you can learn more about how we do that when you contact us. Below, you can find just some of the nutrition-based services we provide to our clients to ensure they always operate at their best.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Anyone that has suffered from a disease or illness can testify that diet and lifestyle changes can serve as one of the best possible ways to treat or manage these conditions. For example, medical nutrition therapy is ideal in treating diabetes, while monitoring and altering the intake of certain foods can help address high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

One of the key benefits of personalized medical nutrition therapy is that our specialists can take into account all lifestyle factors at once, such as conditions that co-occur. This means that if a specific change to your nutrition would benefit one condition but alleviate another, it can be directly managed and moderated in pursuit of optimal health through a delicate balance.

It will not come as a surprise to anyone that nutrition is a key component of body health. Our Fort Collins nutritional therapy sessions ensure that people have the support they need, backed by research and experience.

Assistance with Food Allergies

Food allergies can have a significant impact on someone’s diet. Specialist nutrition therapy can analyze the nature of that impact. For example, your consultant can consider whether eliminating certain food groups due to allergies has resulted in certain deficiencies in your diet that may negatively impact your health.

If this is the case, your specialist can advise on diet and lifestyle changes that can compensate for and contribute to optimal health without any of the risks associated directly with food allergies.

Behavioral Health Counseling

Behavioral health conditions can have a more significant impact on nutrition and health than many realize. While often associated with mental health, this is just part of what behavioral health counseling seeks to address. Specifically, behavioral health refers to habits and their impact on your health, diet, and body.

For example, you may struggle with weight management. However, your lifestyle dictates that you are in the habit of having fast food for lunch each day. Our specialists can provide the education and support you need to break that habit and focus more closely on your health and nutrition and how that can impact on your body.

Nutritional Testing

Sometimes, the issues with nutrition that stand between your current circumstances and vibrant health can be difficult to identify. For example, it can be difficult to establish whether someone has a specific vitamin deficiency simply by looking at or talking to them.

Your consultant will work with you and use all tools at their disposal to unearth the root cause of any issues you may face and provide education and support if it becomes appropriate to seek further medical advice before compiling an action plan.

Taking diabetes as an example, over 35 million people have the condition in the US. One in five of those people are unaware that they have it and therefore do not have the opportunity to alter their nutrition and overall lifestyle to address it.

Even if you are unaware of a specific condition affecting your health, our specialists will consider everything impacting your lifestyle and any symptoms you may have to provide further guidance and support, including the necessary changes to nutrition to take back control.

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From weight management and lifestyle factors to eating disorders and lifestyle habits, our body nutrition counseling services in Fort Collins are designed to support our goal of ensuring every one of our clients looks and feels their best.

If you are unsure of the impact nutrition has on your general health and well-being, our Nutritional Therapy Practitioner offers a free initial appointment so you can find out more about our services and how we can help you reach your goals.

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