Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions with Spa Treatments!

There is no better time than the beginning of a new year to commit to bettering yourself physically and emotionally, and let’s face it — when you look good, you feel good. Xanadu Med Spa offers a variety of med spa treatments and day spa treatments in Fort Collins that can help you look and feel your best all year long, and we would love to speak with you about which services can best help you reach your goals. Check out a few of our spa treatments below and contact us for an appointment today!

Med Spa Treatments for Wellness

Medical Weight Loss

It’s no secret that many of us are unhappy with some aspect of our appearance. In fact, recent studies indicate that as many as 66 percent of women and 52 percent of men are unhappy with their weight. Dietary changes and an increase in exercise work for some individuals, but others might require more assistance shedding the pounds. This is where medical weight loss comes in. At Xanadu, our medical weight loss program offers FDA-approved appetite suppressants, B12 Injections and much, much more. Our team is ready to help you safely and effectively reach your weight loss goals in 2019.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

If you are dissatisfied with your appearance, the solution could be something as simple as a skin rejuvenation treatment. Skin resurfacing treatments accelerate your skin’s natural process of desquamation, allowing you to reveal brighter, more younger-looking skin. Microdermabrasion is a med spa treatment that uses micro-crystals to remove dead, dry, or unwanted skin, and chemical peels are effective at removing dull outer layers of skin. We offer both of these spa treatments at Xanadu, as well as others, that will leave you with radiant skin for the new year. Your friends and family will be curious what your secret is for such an incredible complexion!

Laser Hair Removal

If you’re like many people in America, one of your New Year’s resolutions might be to have a better handle on your finances. You might be surprised to learn that laser hair removal is one spa treatment that can actually help you save money in the long run. This might seem counterintuitive given the up-front expense, but it is true! The reason why is that laser hair removal is incredibly accurate, effective, and long-lasting. A single session often takes less than 30 minutes depending on the treatment area, and results can last for months. Imagine the cost savings when you no longer have to purchase expensive razors or visit the waxing studio each month!

Day Spa Treatments for Wellness


Are you someone who is prone to feeling the effects of stress and anxiety, or do you suffer from migraines, digestive disorders, or chronic pain? If so, you might have resolved to commit to self-care practices in the new year to help alleviate your discomfort. There is no better stress buster than therapeutic massage, and Xanadu is your go-to day spa for effective massage therapy. We offer a variety of massage techniques, including Swedish massage, trigger point massage, and prenatal massage to help enhance and promote natural healing. We also offer osteopathy treatments that are designed to gently ease restrictions so that your body can function optimally.

Facial Treatments

Do you like the idea of achieving more healthy looking skin on your face, but you’re not too keen on the idea of med spa treatments? Spa-quality facial treatments are always a good place to start, and they offer incredible benefits of their own. For starters, facials cleanse, exfoliate, detoxify, and moisturize your face. This helps eliminate clogged pores, rejuvenating your skin. They also treat acne, prevent some of the most common signs of aging, and provide a luxurious, relaxing treatment. If pampering yourself more often and improving your complexion is on your list of resolutions, this spa treatment can help you kill two birds with one stone.

Body Wraps

If you are looking to start the new year with a clean slate in terms of overall health, body wraps are always a wise choice. These spa treatments are designed to not only enhance the health and appearance of your skin, but they can also be effective for promoting detoxification and reducing body measurements. We offer a few body wraps at Xanadu that are designed to deeply cleanse, replenish, and restore your body. Our Sedona Mud Wrap offers an effective antioxidant and anti-aging formula to purge toxins, and our Seaweed Mud Wrap is infused with amino acids to stimulate, detoxify, and renew your skin. For a high-potency wrap that detoxifies the skin and the body, you can’t go wrong with our Garden Mint Algae wrap.

Top Rated Local® Fort Collins Spa Treatments

Are you ready to take the first step in committing to becoming a better version of yourself in 2019? If so, high-quality spa treatments can go a long way in helping you look and feel your best all year long. Whether you are interested in losing weight, revealing more youthful-looking skin, or treating yourself to relaxing massage sessions this year, Xanadu Med Spa is here for you. Our skilled team can help you determine which spa treatments will best help you meet your goals, and they can develop a customized treatment schedule that will have you looking and feeling incredible. Call us at 970-364-2758 to schedule a consultation, or book your appointment online now. Happy New Year from Xanadu!