Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent

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Facial hair and body hair are a constant inconvenience in most people’s lives. Whether you have hair growth in an area you are insecure about or you are just tired of the constant upkeep that comes with shaving and waxing, laser hair removal could be the solution to your problems.

The purpose of laser hair removal is to reduce how much hair our body grows through the destruction of hair follicles. The process doesn’t guarantee permanent hair removal. However, the results are long-lasting and highly efficient compared to other methods of hair removal. Typically, laser hair removal on Xanadu clients lasts between 6 months to 2 years before a follow-up treatment is required.

Once the laser hair removal damages or destroys a hair follicle, that follicle may never grow hair again. Your body may develop new follicles that will grow hair, but this is typically a slower process and can be easily addressed with follow-up treatments.

Xanadu Med Spa laser hair removal treatments use cutting-edge technology to reduce the likelihood of skin irritation and achieve the best possible results for our clients. With an initial course of laser treatments and follow-up sessions, as required, patients can see significant improvements in hair regrowth or complete removal of hair.

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The Process – How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal works by using a laser to transmit heat down a hair and into the follicle to damage or destroy the follicle that the hair grows from. The laser’s energy also absorbs the melanin in the hair, which means any hairs that do grow back are usually finer.

Not all hair follicles are damaged or destroyed in one treatment. Typically, a course of treatment is required for the best results. After the main course of treatments, the finer and lighter hair regrowth that may occur over time can be managed with simple top-up treatments. Usually, these are every 6 to 12 months and can become less frequent as more treatments are completed.

Some laser hair removal treatments can cause skin irritation after the procedure. This irritation is usually because of the energy required to destroy the hair follicle. At Xanadu Med Spa, our Cutera ExceL HR laser technology cools the area of the body while the laser removes the hair. This means that skin irritation is reduced in addition to the subsequent blemishes and redness that can occur following treatment.

To prepare for treatment clients are asked to shave the area but avoid waxing or plucking as this can reduce the effectiveness. Patients should avoid sun exposure and use skin-lightening products for a week before their hair removal session to reduce the likelihood of skin irritation.

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

The list of benefits from laser hair removal treatments is extensive. It can reduce the inconvenience of shaving and regular body hair management and save you both time and money. Stand-out benefits of laser treatments include:

  • Removes reliance on other hair removal methods, such as regular shaving or waxing, that can often cause skin irritation
  • FDA-approved and safe for use on unwanted hair all over the body
  • Effective on most skin and hair types

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last, Compared To Waxing?

Following your initial course of treatment, maintenance laser treatments are infrequent and often reduce over time, as opposed to waxing, which must be maintained at consistent, regular intervals to ensure hair removal.

Following laser treatment, hair regrowth may occur as our body develops new hair follicles. Unlike shaving, where our hair usually grows back faster and quicker, regrowth after laser treatments is typically slower and more sparse. After laser hair removal, most hair regrows much finer than before the course of treatment.

Laser treatments are often faster, more long-lasting, and more precise than waxing.

How Many Sessions Are Needed?

The amount of laser therapy sessions that will be required depends on the hair type and the area you are looking to remove the hair from. For example, finer hair, such as the hair on your face, can be more challenging to remove, so may require more sessions. Typically darker and thicker hair, such as the hair on your legs, will respond quickly to laser treatment and may require fewer sessions to achieve the desired result.

Your hair and skin type, in addition to the size of the area you are treating, can all affect how many sessions will be needed. Typically, patients need approximately 4 to 6 laser procedures before the hair is completely removed. The best hair removal results are usually apparent around 4-weeks after the final treatment session.

Where Can I Use Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a versatile treatment that can be used almost anywhere on the body, even in sensitive areas that some people may not want to wax. Common areas where people use laser hair removal treatments include the following:

  • Upper lip
  • Underarms
  • Arms and legs
  • Bikini line
  • Other facial areas, including eyebrows, cheeks, and chin
  • Neck
  • Back and shoulders
  • Feet

Does It Work For Everyone?

Due to technological advances and the state-of-the-art laser equipment at Xanadu Med Spa, laser hair removal is now effective for the majority of men and women. Typically, patients with dark hair and light skin see the most effective results quickly.

However, a skilled aesthetician can assess your skin type and choose the best laser and settings for a successful treatment. Clients with most hair types and skin colors can now expect a dramatic reduction in hair growth from laser treatment.

Laser hair removal is not advised for pregnant women, individuals with skin irritation, or those taking certain medications. For example, individuals taking Accutane or other retinoids and those with sunburn or an active rash should not undergo laser hair removal.

Looking For A Long-Lasting Hair Removal Solution? Laser Could Be What You Need!

Unwanted hair on our face or body can be a source of insecurity or just plain inconvenience in our lives. However, the technology behind laser hair removal treatments is so advanced now that it can be an efficient and effective treatment option for most people to manage their body hair.

Laser hair removal is by far the most long-lasting and cost-efficient procedure compared to other hair removal methods like shaving, plucking, and waxing. It can be used on almost any area of the body where you want to reduce hair growth. In addition, Xanadu Med Spa’s technology reduces irritation and the concerns of skin inflammation following treatment.

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Laser hair removal is a great option for long-term, safe hair removal that can be used almost anywhere on your body. To discuss what a course of laser hair removal treatment could look like for you and how you can achieve your goals, schedule a free consultation with one of our professional estheticians.

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