NAD+ Shots in Fort Collins

Optimize Your Body With NAD+ Shots in Fort Collins

Whether it’s school, work, or being a parent, life can throw curve balls at us, and it can make us feel stressed and exhausted. With NAD+ injections, you can fight these symptoms and have the energy to tackle whatever the day has to throw at you.

NAD+ injections deliver a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that your body needs to perform at it’s best. With just one shot, you can have your energy back and feel ready to take on the day.

NAD+ Injections

Treatment Details

Consultation Required?




Sessions Needed

1 per month

Results Duration


What It Treats

  • Overall fatigue
  • Signs of aging
  • Depression
  • Lowered energy level
  • Addiction
  • Lowered muscle function and athletic performance
  • Brain degeneration
  • Decreased cognitive function
  • Decreased neurological function

Benefits of NAD+ Injections

Energy Boost

NAD+ injections can help you improve your energy levels and fight fatigue, so you can get more things done!

Cognitive Improvements

Not only will your body have more energy, but your brain will too! you’ll have improved memory, focus, mood, and more.

Overall Health Benefits

Having the nutrients your body needs enhances your body’s overall functions by improving every organ, muscle, and tissue.

How It Works

NAD+ injections in Fort Collins provide our sirtuins—a family of proteins—with a coenzyme that help with many of our cognitive functions by reducing cell stress and slowing cognitive decline.

With these cognitive improvements, you’ll be able to improve your focus and memory and feel mentally and physically ready to conquer whatever the day has for you.

Get Started

Not sure where to start? You can find the best treatment using our treatment planning tool. Simply input your unique concerns, and we will send you a personalized list of recommended treatments that will help you accomplish your goals.

Treatment Planning Tool

What to Expect

For your appointment, you’ll begin by rolling up your sleeve on the arm where you would prefer your injection to be. To ensure you do not develop an infection after your appointment, we’ll disinfect the injection site with an alcohol wipe.

you should not feel any pain during your injection. The only discomfort you may feel is the syringe being injected into your arm. Otherwise, you’ll be able to return to your day enjoying the benefits of improved cognition and body function.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

These instructions will help you best prepare for your injections.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Make sure to avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight a week before your appointment. This will help prevent a sunburn, which would make your injection painful.

Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water will help your body adjust to the increased amounts of nutrients and ensure you achieve optimal results.

Eat a Snack

Eating a light snack about an hour before your appointment will help ensure you do not faint during your injection.

Post-Treatment Instructions

These instructions will help increase the efficacy of your NAD+ shot in Fort Collins.

Keep Drinking Water

Staying hydrated will help ensure the nutrients spread evenly throughout your body, and ensure you achieve optimal benefits from your injection.

Move Your Arm

To prevent feelings of soreness, we suggest your move your arm to stretch the muscles and allow the injection to flow to the rest of your body.

No Strenuous Exercise

Do not workout or do any other strenuous activities for at least 24 hours after your appointment. This will help prevent you from feeling lightheaded and allow your body to adjust to the increase levels of nutrients.

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