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You’ve been eating right and exercising, but you just can’t seem to budge the bulge. Maybe you’re in the process of losing weight—but you need the process to go faster. It could be that you’ve been using semaglutide confidently, but lately the magic has worn off, and you’re not losing weight at the rate you once were.

Change the tide on weight loss with tirzepatide in Fort Collins. At Xanadu Med Spa, our team of specialists can work with you to find personalized solutions to accomplish your weight loss goals. Book a consultation today, and together, let’s explore your goals, establish your baseline, and make a plan for your success.

What Is Tirzepatide?

At Xanadu Med Spa, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the revolutionary benefits of tirzepatide. This beneficial medication offers a powerful, dual-action approach to help you lose that extra weight more quickly and effectively.

How Tirzepatide Works

Tirzepatide mimics two essential hormonal pathways to promote weight loss. These pathways include GLP-1 and GIP agonists, both of which your intestines naturally release after a meal.

GLP-1 Receptor Activation for Appetite Control

By activating GLP-1 receptors, tirzepatide in Fort Collins curbs your appetite. This helps reduce or eliminate the excess caloric load caused by over-eating. Tirzepatide also makes it easier to resist those tempting snacks that act as stumbling blocks to your weight loss.

Additionally, tirzepatide delays gastric emptying. This helps you feel fuller and comfortably sated for a longer period of time after meals.

Originating as a type-2 diabetes treatment, tirzepatide enhances your system’s insulin response. This helps your body manage blood sugar levels more effectively, taming those “sugar monster” cravings while contributing to overall better function.

GIP Receptor Activation for Boosted Insulin Secretion

As tirzepatide activates those GLP-1 receptors, it also activates GIP receptors to enhance your body’s natural insulin response. This improves your glucose control, which helps your body’s metabolism process fats more efficiently.

When Tirzepatide Is the Better Choice

Clinical studies have shown that tirzepatide in Fort Collins can lead to impressive weight loss results, especially for clients with type 2 diabetes or who suffer from obesity. However, you don’t need to have diabetes or be clinically obese to benefit from this innovative treatment!

Semaglutide No Longer Works Well

Just like with other weight loss measures, the effectiveness of semaglutide can plateau with prolonged usage. Typically, semaglutide’s effectiveness diminishes after a year or so.

In most instances where the client tolerates semaglutide well, the dosage can be increased. Eventually, a peak level will be hit, and that’s when a switch to tirzepatide becomes a viable and impactful option.

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You Want Greater Weight Loss Potential

Trial studies suggest that tirzepatide may lead to more significant weight loss than semaglutide, especially at higher doses—up to 6.6% more.

The Tirzepatide Process at Xanadu

Your medical weight loss plan will be overseen by a licensed medical provider, ensuring a healthful, personalized process.

Step 1: The Consultation

Book a consultation to discuss your weight loss goals. Our team listens to you and makes sure you know you’ve been heard. When we understand your lifestyle, know what you want to achieve, and have discussed and/or examined your medical history, we can customize a treatment plan that will work best for you!

Our suggestions point toward what we believe will be the most effective and beneficial therapies or treatments for your weight loss. If tirzepatide in Fort Collins isn’t your best choice, we’ll say so. But if it is, we’ll help you fully prepare to undergo this treatment so that you can achieve the best results possible.

Step 2: Your Treatment

We will base your tirzepatide dosage on your starting weight and your final goal weight. This also helps determine a timeline for your weight loss that delivers the results you’re looking for in a safe, effective manner.

You will administer your tirzepatide treatment in the comfort of your own home. After being educated on how to deliver the medicine, each week you’ll give yourself a shot under the skin of your chosen area. This can include the stomach, thighs, or upper arm.

You’ll do this on the same day each week, hopefully within an hour or two of the same time. We highly recommend using a scheduling notification system to send you reminders about this, so that dosages are delivered at consistent intervals and your body can regulate accordingly.

Step 3: Monitoring Progress

You may not see improved weight loss during the first 4 to 8 weeks of administering tirzepatide. This is the time your body needs to become accustomed to these newer levels of GLP-1 and GLP receptor agonists. Eventually, you will see your weight loss accelerate.

You may come in for check-ins more frequently during the earlier stages of your treatment. This helps us closely monitor your weight loss and make dosage adjustments accordingly.

Once you start achieving a consistent amount of weight loss, check-ins occur much less frequently, sometimes just quarterly. However, we will stay in touch, see how you’re doing, and be here for you whenever you need refills.

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Step 4: Achieving the Goal

Hooray! You’ve met your weight loss goal—and that’s amazing. We’ll discuss how to ease off of your tirzepatide in Fort Collins so that your body adjusts accordingly.

Weight loss studies show that about 21% of body fat is lost after 72 weeks of treatment. There is also evidence that weight starts to creep back after going off the drug unless the patient works actively to set a new baseline weight for themselves that includes lifestyle changes.

5. Support After Treatment

Many people battling diabetes may remain on tirzepatide for life.

However, when weight loss goals are attained, a person may quit “cold turkey.” We don’t recommend this because the likelihood of gaining the weight back is stronger if the cessation of tirzepatide in Fort Collins is immediate.

Our usual goal is to reduce the injection schedule to once every other week, or simply reduce the dosage injected each week. This slower cessation can help maintain a set weight and reset the body’s own internal mechanism for a new base weight set point. It can take 1 to 2 years for your body to establish a new set point—so diligence is important during this period.

We’ll also discuss ways to keep the weight off. Your lifestyle choices usually predict whether the weight you’ve worked so hard to lose will return. Other circumstances may be headed your way that can affect weight gain, including medical necessities, emotional needs, and other possible scenarios.

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Benefits of Tirzepatide

Substantial Weight Loss

In Fort Collins and throughout our communities, Xanadu Med Spa clients have experienced substantial reductions in their body weight using tirzepatide. It stands, making it one of the most effective treatments available today.

Better Glycemic Control

Tirzepatide reduces the risk of weight gain related to insufficient diabetes management.

Enhanced Satiety

You’ll feel fuller for longer, making it easier to reduce your overall caloric intake.

Metabolic Boost

With enhanced lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity, you can manage your weight more effectively.

Why not start with tirzepatide instead of semaglutide?

Semaglutide and tirzepatide in Fort Collins both act very similarly, as they activate GLP-1 and/or GLP receptors.

Xanadu provider helping a cllient at the front desk get their tirzepatide in Fort Collins


Most of our clients start with semaglutide, as this medication requires a lower personal investment than tirzepatide. However, if more effective and more powerful weight loss is desired, you may prefer to start with tirzepatide.

Tirzepatide Medical Weight Loss Details

Consultation required?




Sessions Needed

1, with possible initial “check-ins” to adjust dose

Results Duration

Varies from client to client


Does tirzepatide have any side effects?

As with any medication, some side effects may occur with tirzepatide. Those side effects may include:

  • Mild to moderate nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation

These are typically temporary and diminish as your body adjusts to the treatment. Should any of the possible side effects cause you issues, please contact your Xanadu Med Spa provider so that we can discuss measures or changes that can help in the meantime.

Am I a good candidate for tirzepatide?

In Fort Collins, the fact is not everyone makes a good candidate for tirzepatide treatment. During your personal consultation, we’ll look at several factors to determine if this is the right medication for you.

Your BMI

Your body mass index (BMI) measures the prevalence of body fat based on your height and weight. Tirzepatide works for most BMIs, though the most dramatic results are attained by clients with a BMI of 30 or greater.

Your Weight Loss Goals

Tirzepatide works best for patients who need to lose a significant amount of weight. If you are struggling to lose the last 10 or 15 pounds, we may offer other treatment options to help you erase that final weight.

Other Weight Loss Measures

If you’ve tried other weight loss methods, we’ll discuss how they worked for you and how long ago you tried them. You may also be currently working with a weight loss system, and we can determine whether tirzepatide can complement it.

Your Medical History

If you or your family have a history of any of the following, tirzepatide may not be right for you:

  • Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2
  • Pancreatitis
  • Medullary thyroid cancer
  • Kidney failure
  • Hepatic or renal impairment

Your Xanadu provider will go over all of the possibilities with you during the consultation to ensure your safety. If you have any of the above conditions, we may still be able to help you lose weight with other Xanadu treatments!

Can I just use tirzepatide by itself to lose the weight?

Unfortunately, no, you can’t rely on tirzepatide (or any medical weight loss medicine) by itself to help you lose weight. To get the best results from tirzepatide in Fort Collins, you need to support your efforts with appropriate diet and exercise.

If you’re already changing or willing to change your lifestyle to support weight loss measures, that’s a great time to add tirzepatide to your efforts. It can help speed up the process of weight loss and add extra power to your diligence for improved results.

When you achieve your goals, you can stop your tirzepatide therapy. Those healthy lifestyle choices you’ve made will continue to support your positive results. We can also discuss aesthetic treatments that can accentuate those positive results to show off your dedication to feeling, looking, and living better!

How quickly will I lose weight?

Each Xanadu Med Spa client is unique, and the speed of their weight loss journey will differ from other clients.

What we can say, however, is that you’ll be able to lose weight more effectively than if you only choose to follow a weight loss diet and exercise regimen. Tirzepatide in Fort Collins proves to be especially beneficial for clients who exhibit elevated BMI indexes and/or weight and obesity issues.

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