Top 9 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Achieving soft, hair-free skin can be a challenge when using traditional methods. One of the fastest-growing non-surgical procedures has become laser hair removal, which eliminates the need to wax, shave, and tweeze on a daily basis. Gone are the days of searching far and wide to find a professional; we offer this service right here in Fort Collins, CO.

Top 9 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

1. Top-Rated Cutera Excel HR™ Laser

Here at Xanadu, we use the best and most developed techniques for our clients. The Excel HR laser is Cutera’s second evolution of laser technology. This premium hair removal platform uses exceptional contact cooling and a combination of two proven wavelengths to remove undesired hair from all skin types. The 755 nm Alexandrite wavelength is typically used for untanned and lighter skin types while the 1064 YAG is the safest known wavelength to use on tanned and darker skin tones.

The Excel HR is safe for use on men and women alike and is effective on both fine and coarse hair. This state-of-the-art laser selectively targets the hair without damaging the surrounding skin. And while there may be slight skin reddening at the removal site after treatment, the sapphire contact cooling technology cools down your skin while it works to minimize discomfort.

2. Performed By Our Certified Staff Right Here in Fort Collins

We take your health and safety seriously at our Med Spa. We have certified laser technicians on our team that serve as our laser technicians to work with you in your consultation and in every treatment.

Upon intake, you will review your medical history together, go over any medications you may be taking, and decide if this hair removal technique is right for you. And because our technician has expert knowledge of lasers, she will ensure the settings and wavelength are exactly what your skin needs. You’re in safe hands.

3. Save Money and Time

With technology becoming more advanced and refined, the cost of treatments has gone down while the cost of products and services is ever-increasing. The short-term investment in permanent body hair reduction will yield lifelong results. No more waxing appointments, wasting water in the shower, buying shaving cream and razors, or becoming frustrated over nicks and cuts on your delicate skin. You will always feel freshly shaven without finding you’ve missed a spot or two.

4. Quick Treatment Time

With our technology and expertise, we are able to keep treatment times to a minimum. While you are certainly welcome to enjoy all of our specialty services, with this procedure you don’t have to lose a whole day at the spa undergoing treatment. We can remove hair from almost any region of the body, and the smaller the region, the quicker the treatment times.

For effective hair removal, multiple sessions are needed. Since all hair grows at its own rate, each follicle needs to be in the anagen phase to be properly destroyed. By committing to multiple sessions you are ensuring that we are able to permanently uproot each follicle during its ideal growth phase. While 10-30% of hair reduction is expected after each treatment, in order to achieve over 85% hair reduction in the desired area, a typical client will need 7-10 treatments.

5. No Recovery Time

Hair removal is an outpatient procedure done right here in our Med Spa with our licensed laser technician. Fit your treatment into your busy schedule and go about your day with no downtime. While our lasers use cooling technology to minimize discomfort, some clients may experience slight redness or irritation. For these instances, simple moisturizers and minimal sun exposure will prove beneficial.

The time you should wait between sessions varies from 4-8 weeks, with an optimum time frame of 6 weeks. Due to the various growth cycles of body hair, it is important to reach the follicles at every phase to ensure full elimination. Multiple sessions are needed because of these phases. When a hair is in the resting phase, the laser will not reach it until it begins to grow. Caring for your skin between sessions is crucial.

6. No Need to Grow Hair Between Treatments

Since using a laser for hair removal focuses on the follicle of the hair, there is no need to grow out the hair in the targeted area before your sessions. Feel free to shave or trim as desired between sessions. Because waxing and tweezing temporarily removes the follicle, these methods should be avoided for optimum success during treatments. Please also avoid bleaching, as the lasers rely on the pigment of the hair for proper removal.

7. Permanent Reduction in Hair Growth

Shaving, tweezing, trimming, and waxing can be a thing of the past for both men and women on almost any part of the body. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has announced that laser hair removal has become one of the top non-surgical procedures for over 20 years giving adults freedom from unwanted body hair. Laser hair removal can be done on virtually any area of the body, including legs, chest, back, arms, underarms, face, neck, hands, and feet.

With a target goal of over 85% hair reduction in your chosen area, you will be experiencing less and less hair growth after each minimally-invasive session. While waxing and tweezing may pull out the hair by the root, the laser destroys the follicle entirely so no new hair can grow back. After treatment, you will notice the unwanted hair begin to fall out and no new growth will occur when the follicle has been completely eliminated.

8. Leaves Your Skin Better Than Before

Red bumps and ingrown hairs will have no home on your skin once your hair removal is complete. Sensitive skin will no longer fear inflammation or razor burn. Get the soft, supple skin you’ve always wanted without accidentally cutting yourself while shaving. Stubble and itchy irritation with hair regrowth will be a thing of the past. And because this technique is minimally invasive, it will leave no scars, bruises, or long-term side-effects other than hair-free skin.

9. Absolutely Safe

Using lasers for hair removal has become commonplace. The technique has been well-developed and intricately designed to ensure your complete safety. During the procedure, the technician will hold a hand-held laser up to your skin. The laser works incredibly fast, affecting an area about the size of a quarter every second. While there may be modest heat emanating from the light, the Cutera Excel HR™ utilizes a cooling sensation to offset the warmth.

Hair removal is made possible by an intense beam of light that will pass through the pigment of the hair to reach the follicle and eliminate it. Pain is minimal during treatment. Depending on your personal skin sensitivity, the sensation can range from the feeling of a warm pinprick to the light snapping of a rubber band.

Permanent hair reduction is achievable and we are committed to providing each of our clients with cutting-edge technology while adhering to the latest safety protocols. Call Xanadu Med Spa in Fort Collins today for a free consultation with our licensed laser technician. And don’t forget that as a first-time client, you’ll receive 15% off your first service, some exclusions may apply.