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What Is Laser Lipo

No matter how much you go to the gym, lose weight, or build muscle, it is often virtually impossible to remove all stubborn fat and reach the final aesthetic you want. This can be very disheartening when you have worked so hard through diet and exercise and are still not entirely happy with your body. 

Laser liposuction, commonly known as laser lipo, is a minimally invasive procedure that destroys fat cells and contributes to fat loss without the need for surgery, or even needles of any kind. Laser lipo permanently destroys fat cells, which leads to inches lost in the targeted areas, such as the stomach, hips, or thighs.

The laser lipo treatment offered at Xanadu Med Spa harnesses the power of laser energy and combines it with radiofrequency energy to not only destroy fat cells, but to tighten, smooth, and tone skin. This means that with our treatments, our patients can achieve the fat loss they desire and simultaneously firm and tone their skin.

Everyone deserves to feel good in their body and shouldn’t have to worry about hang-ups and insecurities. At Xanadu Med Spa, we are happy to be able to make this a reality for our patients without the need for the sometimes scary, costly, and painful surgical options.

To discuss your body goals with a professional and understand how laser lipo can help you, call our team at 970-591-7919  to book your complimentary consultation. 

  • Most people require a course of several sessions over a period of a few weeks to achieve the best results. The exact number of sessions will depend upon your goals, but this will be established with you in your individual treatment plan before you start laser lipo.
  • Patients are asked to drink eight glasses of water the night before their laser lipo procedure and continue to drink plenty of water the morning of their session. This helps the destroyed fat cells and the fatty acids they release to leave your body faster.
  • For best results, maintain a high water intake in the 2-3 days following your treatment session. Regular exercise after your session can also help to remove the fat cells from your body more quickly.
  • Although laser lipo destroys fat cells, the treatment will not cause any damage to muscle, skin, or any other surrounding tissue in the treatment areas. The technology is designed to specifically target fat cells alone and poses a risk to other tissue.

Laser Liposuction Vs. Traditional Liposuction

The first stand-out difference between laser lipo and traditional liposuction is how much less invasive laser lipo is in comparison. Laser lipo does not pierce the skin or make any incisions. As such, the procedure is pain-free. Due to the painless nature of the treatment, there is no need for general anesthesia or even local anesthetic in laser liposuction procedures. Similarly, as laser lipo doesn’t make any skin incisions, it will not leave any scarring. Whereas scars are more likely with traditional liposuction treatments. 

Laser liposuction treatment also carries far fewer and less severe risks than the surgical alternative. The side effects of laser lipo include redness, a mild burning sensation, or slight swelling. As opposed to the risks of surgical liposuction, which include infection, internal puncture, fat embolism, irregularities in the appearance of the treated area, numbness, and fatty build-up around organs. 

Another difference between these treatments is the time each procedure takes to show final results. Traditional liposuction will typically reveal the full extent of the fat loss results in around 1-3 months later, provided there is no additional swelling or infection. However, although you will see some results from laser lipo after three months, these can continue to improve for up to 6- 12 months. 

Why Choose Xanadu Med Spa For Laser Lipo?

Our team’s skill and expertise, alongside their dedication to delivering an exceptional quality of service, is unmatched. Xanadu Med Spa is an award-winning facility situated in Fort Collins. We are proud to be the premier destination for med spa services in Northern Colorado. The reasons to trust Xanadu with your laser lipo treatment are countless, but they include our passion for what we do, the high standard of results we consistently achieve, and our top-quality customer care. 

Expertise and Experience 

The quality and skill of your technician can substantially affect the final outcome of your treatment and the results you achieve. Training, experience, and attention to detail all factor into an aesthetician’s ability to deliver the best possible treatment. 

The team members at Xanadu Med Spa have received extensive high-level education and training to allow them to perfect their craft and deliver the most cutting-edge spa treatments with skill, passion, and talent. You can rest assured that you will receive the best standard of care and treatment if you choose a laser lipo treatment at Xanadu. 

Customer Service 

Exceptional customer service is at the heart of everything we do and stand for at Xanadu Med Spa. We ensure that our patients are treated like royalty and that our customer service standard will always match our extensive level of expertise in our field. 

We take great pride in what we do, and every Xanadu team member will go above and beyond to ensure you receive premier treatment and service and leave us feeling truly pampered! 


Xanadu Med Spa is designed to be your tranquil oasis away from the stresses outside in the real world. In our state-of-the-art facilities, we aim to create a peaceful, luxurious experience for our guests to allow their stresses to melt away during their time with us. Not only will you leave us feeling confident and rejuvenated from your treatment, but we hope you return home feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on the world again. 

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Laser lipo procedures at Xanadu Med Spa use cutting-edge technology and combine two high-tech treatments to help our patients achieve substantial fat loss with no pain, risk, or recovery time. 

The laser energy, combined with radiofrequency skin tightening, reduces fat in the treatment area and improves the overall firm, toned appearance. Laser lipo allows almost anyone with any body type and stubborn fat pockets to finally address their insecurities and achieve their body goals. 

As featured in the 2022 Best of NOCO awards, Xanadu Med Spa is proud to be a leader in the field of med spa services in Northern Colorado. Our expertly trained professional staff will ensure you get the best results possible from your treatment. Laser lipo at Xanadu will mean you can finally leave your body hang-ups behind and go home feeling confident and rejuvenated.

For more information about laser lipo and how our Xanadu experts can help you, book a free consultation today by calling 970-591-7919.

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