What You Need to Know About BOTOX Aftercare

BOTOX is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments around ⁠— and for good reason. For one, it can significantly slow down the major signs of aging such as lines, folds, and wrinkles from appearing. In addition, it also delays or even prevents the formation of wrinkles by reducing the muscle’s ability to contract. Because of this, Botox is a great preventative procedure for those who want to keep their youthful look well into old age.  Botox is a neurotoxin, other types of neurotoxins include Jeuveau, Xeomin, and Dysport.  They all do essentially the same thing.

Botox is also one of the most accessible and easiest cosmetic procedures around. Unlike major cosmetic surgeries, injecting Botulinum Toxin in your skin can take as little as 15 to 20 minutes. After the procedure, most patients get on with their day with virtually no disruption or discomfort. Because of how simple Botox injections are, more and more people are considering this cosmetic treatment to improve their appearance and boost their self-esteem.

If you’re planning on getting Botox, you should manage your expectations by doing your due diligence and understanding how the procedure is usually carried out. In this post, we’ll enrich your knowledge in Botox by discussing five essential Botox aftercare tips.

Avoid touching the treated area for at least 24 hours

To ensure your Botox treatment heals properly, it’s best to avoid rubbing or applying significant pressure on the area where the treatment was administered for at least a day. Failure to comply might move the injected Botulinum Toxin to another area. If the treatment area is around your forehead or between the eyes and you accidentally moved the Botox, it might result in droopy eyelids, which is a temporary and harmless side effect. What’s more, persistent pressure to the treatment area might cause discomfort as it can still be sensitive for at least a couple of hours after the procedure.

Try not to overexert yourself

While Botox treatments won’t make you feel too much discomfort and interfere with your day-to-day life, it’s still important to rest after your procedure and avoid strenuous activities. Sure, you could go back to work or get on with your chores, but be sure to avoid vigorous exercise and activities as these can mess with the desired effect of your procedure.

Optimize your skincare routine

Skincare is important at all times, but it’s even more crucial after getting injected with Botox. Take note that the area you’ve had injected may still be sensitive for at least 48 hours post-procedure. So, it’s best to skip irritating skincare ingredients such as fragrances, and dyes. Instead, stick to non-comedogenic and non-irritating skincare essentials like a mild face wash, toner, and moisturizer.

One thing you definitely shouldn’t skip after your treatment is sunscreen. UV rays can speed up Botox metabolism, which means that constant sun exposure can cause it to break down and last much shorter than intended. And in general, sunscreen is one of the best anti-aging products you can have. Always remember that the right way to apply sunscreen is to apply it last in your skincare routine — that is, after you moisturize and tone your face. This way, its efficacy won’t be diluted. In addition, those staying outdoors for prolonged periods will need to reapply sunscreen every two hours, as this vital product doesn’t last all day.

When in doubt, ask the professionals

If you have concerns regarding your treatment days after you get injected with Botox, be sure to reach out to the professionals who are educated on the matter. For one, you can talk to any of our cosmetic nurses who are trained in helping cosmetic patients recover after their treatment. Aside from assisting you after your procedure in our office, our nurses have also received a special accreditation to administer patients with Botox (and fillers) and have targeted certifications and have completed a targeted training program. Most often these nurses will be your first point of call should any issue arise that requires treatment.

You can also reach out to your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist if you have any worries after receiving treatment. Don’t ever hesitate to give us a call, as the professionals at Xanadu Med Spa are more than ready to give you advice and help you if any complications arise after your treatment.

Facial exercises make Botox work faster

While we’ve mentioned that it’s best to avoid too much activity after your procedure, facial exercises are an exception to this rule. In fact, gentle exercises where the Botox was administered can help make its effects more pronounced and visible. The reason behind this is that Botox binds to the receptors on nerve cells, which then relaxes the muscles. And by doing light exercise, this binding process can be sped up.

By following the proper aftercare procedure, you can lengthen the effects of Botox and smoothly recover after your treatment. Botox is one of the best procedures that you can do if you want to preserve your youthful look. If you’re planning on getting this procedure, you can learn more by talking to our people here at Xanadu Med Spa.

Article was specially written for www.xanadumedspa.com by Aileen Conner