Who Can Get CoolSculpting Treatments?

Around 80% of the American population is unhappy with their current appearance. Many of the issues mentioned in recent studies are related to pockets of fat that are hard to get rid of with diet and exercise changes. If you’re close to your target weight but are having trouble achieving the perfect shape, you should contact us at Xanadu Med Spa in Fort Collins, CO. We offer innovative and noninvasive methods like CoolSculpting.

When you get in touch, we will speak to you about your problem and the potential solutions we offer. To determine whether you are a good candidate for this treatment, we will take into consideration your current health, the nature of your issue, and what other weight loss measures you have tried in the past. Let’s have a closer look at the method and whether it could be the perfect solution for you.

Who Is a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting in Fort Collins, CO?

The first step towards achieving the look you’ve always dreamed of is to book an initial consultation with one of our providers. We will ask you about your weight loss journey so far and how close you are to achieving your target. In general, our treatments aren’t aimed at drastically reducing your weight, but instead, they are meant to re-shape your body and remove the last obstacles between you and your ideal body shape.

Fortunately, this method of removing unwanted pockets of fat works on almost all body parts. You will be a good candidate if you’d like to change the way your thighs, lower back, belly, the sides of your body, arms, or even your chin look. In some cases, we can also help you get rid of cellulite in this way. The fact that it is noninvasive and requires limited down time is one of the reasons why this treatment is so popular.

You Have Stubborn Pockets of Fat

The primary reason why people undergo fat freezing is that they would like to remove a small to moderate number of fat cells. You could be a good candidate if you’ve already lost a lot of weight or if you’re not significantly overweight and would simply like to modify your appearance. Each treatment takes around one hour, and we can work on just one area of your body or on multiple issues.

Fat freezing is unique because it is so versatile and can be used almost anywhere. We can even help you remove a stubborn double chin or excess tissue under your buttocks. If you’re a man who suffers from pectoral fat, we can effectively remove it and help you achieve a more sculpted abdominal area.

You Have Tried Diet Modification and Exercise

If you come to our Fort Collins, CO clinic with the goal to lose weight, we might refer you to a doctor or ask you to try dieting and exercising first. As mentioned, fat freezing isn’t a weight loss program, and it works best on people who aren’t looking for a large change in their body mass index. The reason is that drastically altering your shape after CoolSculpting could destroy the effect you’ve achieved.

This treatment is considered permanent, and the fat cells won’t regrow once they have been absorbed by your body. However, the process won’t destroy all the cells in the local area, so may need to come back to the clinic if you gain a significant amount of weight after you’ve completed the treatment. For this reason, we will take your current lifestyle into consideration when deciding whether you are a good candidate.

You Would Like a Nonsurgical Approach

Fat freezing is the number one nonsurgical fat-reduction treatment. As such, it is appropriate even for those patients who can’t undergo elective surgery. This could include people with a chronic condition or those who have had complications during surgery in the past.

It is also a great way to achieve your goals without having to take a significant amount of time off work. While you might need to rest and stay at home for several weeks after surgery, this isn’t the case with fat freezing. In fact, down time is minimal, and you can return to your normal activities within a few days. That’s why it is a much more accessible and cost-effective fat reduction method.

What Does This Treatment Involve?

The treatment makes use of a process called cryolipolysis. Your provider will place the relevant body part in between two cold panels and freeze the tissue. This causes the fat cells to die and be absorbed by your body over time. Your results will appear gradually because it can take 4-6 months for the fat to be completely absorbed and broken down by the white blood cells.

Your Session

When you get to the clinic, your provider will double check what areas will be worked on. If you would like to have several body parts treated or you would like to see a drastic change, you may need to visit us multiple times. Often, the effectiveness of this method can be increased by repeating the process two to three times.

Since you won’t be anesthetized during your session, you will feel the machine’s vacuum pulling your tissue in between the plates. At first, you will also notice the cold, but after a few seconds, this will start to lessen because of the numbing effect of the treatment. Your provider will turn off the machine once the process is complete, then massage the area to restore the blood flow. You might feel a tingling sensation at this point.

Preparation and Recovery

Fat freezing is a completely noninvasive treatment, which means that there are no needles involved, and your provider won’t make incisions in your body. Thus, you don’t have to prepare extensively or spend a lot of time recovering. We do advise you to drink a lot of water because this helps to flush the dead cells out of your body more effectively.

You should also eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise in the weeks after your session. The more you move and the better you eat, the more likely your recovery process goes smoothly. If you follow your provider’s guidance and maintain a healthy weight, your results will be permanent, and you are unlikely to need to return to the clinic for fat freezing in the future.

Losing weight is a complicated and involved process, and it often isn’t as simple as reducing your food intake and increasing your exercise levels. In fact, many people aren’t able to achieve their ideal body shape even after making big lifestyle changes and losing a lot of weight. If you are struggling with stubborn areas that aren’t responding to traditional methods, CoolSculpting could be for you.

This is the only FDA-approved treatment that uses cold to remove fat cells from your body. It is designed as a permanent solution because your cells won’t regrow once they have been destroyed. As long as you maintain good lifestyle habits, you won’t have to come back to the clinic and repeat the process. Call or message us today at Xanadu Med Spa in Fort Collins, CO to book your consultation and find out whether you are eligible to participate.