Debunking the Myths of Botox

Botox is a very popular non-invasive beauty procedure that uses a protein to paralyze the muscles where it is injected, thus helping to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and make you look younger. By paralyzing we mean that the bacterium blocks the nerve signals to the muscle, which prevents it from contracting. While Botox is best known as an anti-aging treatment, it also helps treat crossed eyes, eyelid spasms, bowel disorders, and excessive sweating. Botox is derived from a bacterium that is considered safe, and it is injected into the area you wish treated.

Xanadu Med Spa of Fort Collins offers many different cosmetic procedures, including microneedling, dermal resurfacing, teeth whitening, LED light therapy, and more. We are also a day spa, offering many more services, such as massages, facials, body wraps, and more. We also sell amazing skin care products online and in our store. Below, we’ll go over some common myths you might have heard about Botox. Visit our med spa in Fort Collins today!


Botox Injections are Painful

Many people don’t like needles and may even be afraid of needles. You may have heard that because Botox is administered by needles that it is painful. Most of our med spa clients in Fort Collins note that Botox only feels like a slight pinch. Many say they don’t feel the injections at all. The needles are shallow, unlike some shots you may have received for vaccines. For the vast majority of our patients, Botox is not all that painful.

Botox Leaves Your Face Frozen

Many people understand that Botox works by freezing the muscles in your face. Thus, the myth has been circulated that your muscles are thus frozen in place, giving you a doll-type look. This is a myth. Botox treatments relax your muscles, not freezes them. You will still be able to move your muscles and smile, frown, laugh, and more. Botox targets muscles strategically to prevent the ones that show signs of aging, such as crows’ feet and the lines in your forehead. If a frozen look is found after Botox, it was probably an unskilled and untrained technician who administered the Botox treatment. Here at Xanadu Med Spa in Fort Collins, you can rest assured that all of our Botox technicians are trained, skilled, and experienced in administering Botox to our customers.

Botox Treatments are Unsafe

The bacterium that Botox is derived from, Clostridium botulinum, has been known and researched for over 100 years. Botox has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) since 2002 and has been approved by Health Canada to be used for anti-aging. Before that, it was approved to treat excessive sweating and some neurological disorders. Botox is thus extremely safe when in the hands of a skilled practitioner. It is true that the regulation of those administering Botox can be lax, so be sure to investigate the clinic you are going to for your Botox injections. Xanadu Med Spa in Fort Collins invests a lot of time in training our Botox technicians for your safety.

Botox Builds Up in Your Body

Botox, while a great anti-aging treatment, does not last forever. In fact, it only lasts between three and four months when the neurotoxin wears off and the nerve signals are received again. Since Botox is seen as a foreign to your body, your body immediately begins to attack it. This process takes about three to four months, whereby Botox is broken down into its component parts (or amino acids), and is either recycled by your body or eliminated as waste. In general, the smaller the muscle, the longer Botox will last; the larger the muscle, the faster it will wear off.


Botox is a great anti-aging tool that many people love. As you can see, it’s safe, effective, and virtually painless. There are no cuts, and the procedure is extremely quick. It does take between three and five days for the Botox to begin working, with about one week for it to take full effect. In fact, when you leave our Fort Collins office, you won’t be able to tell that you had a Botox procedure. With no downtime and a minimal chance of any side effects, Botox is a go-to non-invasive cosmetic procedure that works.

Xanadu Med Spa is proud to offer Botox treatments in Fort Collins, as well as dozens of other med spa and day spa services. Our mission is to be our one-stop-shop for all of your self-care needs, from massages and facials to Botox, laser hair removal, permanent makeup, body sculpting, IV vitamin therapy, and so much more. We do everything we can to make your visit and experience with us comfortable and smooth. We employ MDs, RNs, skilled estheticians, certified massage therapists, and more who all have years of experience and are passionate about sharing their skills with you.

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