What Are the Different Types of Juvederm?

Aging takes a toll on all of us, but that doesn’t have to mean that you lose your radiant smile and good looks. Here at Xanadu Med Spa in Fort Collins, CO, we offer a range of Juvederm fillers that can enhance your natural beauty and rejuvenate your skin. Today, let’s examine what types of treatments they are and how they can help you look and feel your best. 

What Is Juvederm?

If you’ve never had an injectable, you might not be aware of exactly how they work. In essence, we use a gel-like substance that consists of hyaluronic acid and inject it into strategic places in your face. Over the next few weeks and months, this substance will then work to plump up your features, enhance your contours, and eliminate any wrinkling that has happened due to the aging process.

Although we will invite you to an initial consultation to assess whether this is a good option for you, most people are eligible for treatment. This is because fillers are a minimally invasive process, and you won’t need to go through a general anesthetic or a lengthy recovery process. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that can be found in your digestive system, so your body is very unlikely to reject it.

The Types of Treatment Offered

When you come to the clinic looking to enhance your facial features and restore them to their youthful state, we can offer you several different types of treatment. Just like an artist needs to choose the correct brush, we need to find the best filler for your goals and for the look you’d like to achieve. These types of treatments are technique-sensitive, so we only work with the best providers.

While some fillers are more general and can work to change your overall look, others are specific to one region of your face. Let’s discuss the various options, so you can get a better idea of what is possible and which type of treatment you might like to opt for. You will notice that each filler is labeled XC, which means that it contains a substance that will numb the local area and make the treatment more pleasant for you.

Volbella XC

If you’re looking to enhance the volume of your lips or remove small wrinkles that have formed around your mouth, Volbella might be the right choice for you. This latest treatment is thinner than the others, so it can really target those fine imperfections. Sometimes, we will also use it under your eyes to fill out the hollow tear trough area.

Many of our patients love this option because it has the potential to last a very long time. In fact, the majority don’t come back for a touch-up until 12 or more months later. This is unique because many other fillers, especially ones that are thinner, will require you to come to the clinic much more frequently. For this reason, it is a cost-effective and low-maintenance way of enhancing your features.

Ultra XC

Patients who come in with some wrinkles in their nasolabial folds or around their mouth can benefit from the Ultra treatment. The formula is slightly thicker than Volbella but not as thick as the Ultra Plus option. For this reason, it’s suitable for people who have mild wrinkles or whose issues are quite close to the surface of the skin, not deeper in the tissue.

You can also expect your Ultra injectable to last for a year, but some patients like to come in for a touch-up before then. It all depends on what the corrections were and how the area has been maintained in the meantime.

Ultra Plus XC

As one of the most popular treatments in the beauty industry, Ultra Plus is a thicker filler that can be used to correct deeper wrinkles and lines. If you come to the clinic when you’re a bit older or if you’re looking for a more dramatic transformation, we might consider starting with this. It can also be used on the lips and will create a lot of volume in the area.

The longevity of this filler is similar to Ultra, but it can last a little longer in some cases because the particles are larger. Although it can be extremely effective on its own, some patients like to combine it with other options like Botox to create an even more youthful complexion.

Voluma XC

The final option is called Voluma, and it has been created specifically to add volume to the face. When we grow older, our cheeks often start to sag, the jawline develops jowls, and our face loses that plump, youthful look. As the name says, Voluma helps you to regain this lost volume when placed strategically in your face.

Like the other Juvederm treatments, Voluma is long-lasting. In fact, you can expect to see the effects for up to 18 months because this formula is slightly thicker than some of the others. Many of our patients choose this option to achieve a more awake and less tired or strained look.

Finding the Best Treatment for You

Now that you know what the different options are, you might wonder how you will choose which one suits you best. Fortunately, we can help you with this. When you contact us, we will invite you to a consultation and speak to you about your cosmetic concerns, your goals, and whether you have tried other treatments before. Then, we can decide together whether this type of injectable is the way to go or what other treatments you might prefer.

What You Hope to Achieve

When deciding which filler to use, one of the most important considerations will be what you hope to get out of your visits to the clinic. While some people have something very specific in mind, for example, plumper lips, others are looking for a more general touch-up. You can tell us what areas are most important to you, and we will take this into consideration.

Your Current Condition and Medical History

Another key factor will be your skin’s current consideration. If you’re younger or have had other treatments before, Ultra Plus might be too much and we can go with Ultra. However, we know that many of our older patients want to look their best despite not being eligible for surgery, which is why we stock more powerful fillers, as well. We also check your medical history to make sure that the treatment will be safe for you.

Your Past Experiences 

One aspect we will talk about during your consultation is whether you’ve tried treatments in the past and how they went. While some people come to us without any experience, many have attempted various solutions and gained valuable insight into what they like best. By telling us about past treatments and what you thought of them, you can help us to maximize your experience.

Juvederm is a great option for anyone looking to enhance their natural beauty and regain their youthful glow. Because there are four different types of treatments available, you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Aside from being very long-lasting, these fillers can also be combined with other rejuvenation methods. To get started, contact us at Xanadu Med Spa in Fort Collins, CO. We will be thrilled to welcome you to the clinic.