What to Expect for a First-Time Massage Experience at Our Fort Collins Med Spa

Even when it comes to something as relaxing and deeply beneficial as a massage, it’s still natural to be a little nervous about a first-time experience. It’s true that many of our Fort Collins day spa patrons are no strangers to the massage experience, but we also see a number of local residents who are well overdue for their first true, professional massage experience.

Like many of our med spa services, there a number of myths on the internet floating around about massage therapy. Whether you’re simply coming in for a relaxing and enjoyable experience or you carry a lot of tension in your day due to stress from your job, it’s important to know more about our Fort Collins massage services and what to expect from the experience. Instead of addressing various myths about the healing art of massage, Xanadu Med Spa is simplifying sharing what to anticipate when you visit our day spa for a massage session.

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Arrive Slightly Early (and Freshly Showered)

If it’s your first time with us at our Fort Collins med spa, first of all, welcome! You’ll find our reception and our ambiance to be warm, inviting, and soothing. We believe in creating good first impressions and if you’re new to the area or don’t have any experience visiting a med spa, know what we’ll get you situated in a comfortable manner once you walk through our doors.

For new patrons, we provide you with a questionnaire that takes about 5-10 minutes to fill out depending on the extent of your medical history. This is to avoid any possible complications, interactions, or side effects relative to your massage experience, such as sensitivities to essential oils. We encourage our first-time guests to arrive earlier than their scheduled appointment time to ensure that the necessary paperwork gets completed while not missing out on any of your scheduled time. After all, who wants a massage to get cut short?

Preparing Yourself For Deep Relaxation

Once your initial questionnaire is completed, you’ll be greeted by your masseuse. They’ll take you to your private massage area and you’ll immediately be soothed and calmed by noninvasive aromas and the gentle sounds of water dripping. This warmly-lit atmosphere prompts your body and mind to simply relax knowing that all you have to do is, more or less, take it easy.

Your masseuse will ask you about any areas of the body that you do or do not want massaged. Typically, the feet, stomach, and buttocks areas are more of a special request, while the arms, legs, back, neck, and head are standard for a basic massage. Once you’re both on the same page, they’ll leave the room for a few minutes, allowing you to remove your clothing down to your underwear (note: you generally shouldn’t be naked for your massage — bras notwithstanding— and our therapists carefully adjust the massage blanket relative to the area of your body being massaged).

During the Experience

In terms of desired pressure, you masseuse will carefully adhere to the desired level of pressure that you answered on the initial questionnaire. Now, sensitivity to pressure can vary based on what area of the body is being touched so your masseuse will listen carefully or politely check in to make sure that you’re not in pain or experiencing too much (or little) pressure. The pressure utilized also depends on the style of massage that you receive, though typically, first-time massage experiences are a simple Swedish or aromatherapy-based massage that only utilize more standard massage techniques.

If you’d like to conversate and chat during the experience, that’s absolutely fine, though many massage patrons generally don’t say much given the bliss that a massage typically invokes.

Obtaining the Benefits of a Massage

No matter how sensitive to pressure or how “squeamish” you are, it’s difficult not to walk away feeling refreshed, relaxed, loose, and rejuvenated. However, it’s worth mentioning that, in order to work through stubborn knots and other tight odds and ends in your muscles — especially your neck muscles that carry more stress than other parts of the body — you may have to endure a certain level of discomfort.

We know; this is a massage that you’re paying for and it should feel good and relaxing. If you’re willing to take a few deep breaths and let your masseuse really work at these knots, we promise that you’ll walk away from your session feeling that much looser and zen-like. Truly, you’ll be surprised at your range of motion once those problem areas of the body are worked through.

Leaving Your Masseuse a Review After Your Experience

Once everything is said and done and you’re on your way, please don’t forget to leave a review for the masseuse who worked with you. Online reputation is integral to the success of a business such as our Fort Collins day spa and it means the world to us and our in-house massage experts when customers go out of their way to leave a review.

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