Skin changes are common during hematology & oncology therapies due to a number of reasons and are frequently the result of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and medications.

Clinical Oncology Esthetics® provides comfort and relief through skin therapy treatments (facials, skin, body care and cosmetics) for clients undergoing treatment for, or recovering from cancer. Xanadu’s oncology facials, scalp treatments, hand and foot care, and gentle body care are tailored for each individual. Treatments are designed for individuals whose skin has been negatively affected by cancer treatment. Common side effects from chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and some medications can include the following:

  • Follicular eruption
  • Pigmentation changes
  • Dry, itchy, red, flaky skin
  • Nail changes & toxicity
  • Sensitivity to products, fragrances & ingredients

Certified Oncology Estheticians® have undergone extensive education to understand how cancer and therapy treatments affect the body at the dermal and lymphatic level. COE’s are thoroughly familiar with medications, side effects, and the importance of proper sanitation.

Oncology Skin Healing Treatment (For Facial or Body Treatment)

This treatment addresses the specific needs and concerns of patients undergoing all phases of cancer therapy, as well as recovery and survival, and is customized every step of the way. A safe and soothing treatment to help manage and improve the changes skin undergoes during and after cancer therapy, with the added healing benefits of touch provide a feeling of peace and relaxation. The use of safe, non-toxic, unscented, gentle and healing products help your skin regain a healthy feel and appearance, leaving you looking great and feeling better.

Hand, Foot, and Scalp Treatment

A perfect treatment for those who are undergoing more aggressive therapies where there is less ability to work on the body but who will still benefit from the relaxation experience. A gentle,soothing and safe treatment to relieve pain and discomfort experienced in the hands and feet. Gently massaging a nourishing serum into the scalp relieves tension, produces endorphins and addresses sensitivities that often occur with treatment-induced hair loss.

Treatments are customized to the patient, their type of cancer and their medical treatment regimen to help comfort and soothe side effects of therapy.

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