Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably know that “looking tan” is the hottest accessory you can own right now. And for good reason, just about everyone looks a lot better when then have a little color.

And because we now know that baking in the sun all day is really bad for our skin, tons of people are turning to spray tanning to get that beautiful bronze glow.


South Seas is the most widely recognized brand of high quality spray tanning solutions in the industry. We have been recognized by Hollywoods elite, and south seas was voted ‘Best of Beauty’, by Allure magazine three consecutive years, our Tahitian tan solution delivers a flawless tan with a perfect mahogany color for all skin types.

South Seas® Skin Care has been used on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars since Season 13. We provide the most exclusive spray tanning solutions, equipment, and body care essentials in the industry. Our products are paraben free and made from organic and natural ingredients.

We are committed to ensuring all our products are cruelty-free and made with natural & organic ingredients, and provide a universal color for all clients.

We have been providing the spray tans and bronzing color on the set of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars for the past seven seasons, and our products are used on over 40 Hollywood sets including Modern Family, Suburgatory, Sons of Anarchy, and True Blood, and in the most luxurious salons & spas, resorts, and mobile spray tanning businesses worldwide. Draw a line in the sand and make South Seas a part of your signature experience!


  • Make sure you have waxed and/or shaved. Doing this after can cause quick exfoliation and will remove your tan faster.
  • When you shower at home exfoliate with a scrub or coarse loofah.
  • Hydrate your skin with lotion.
  • Wear or bring dark loose clothing to your appointment that you can wear home.
  • Flip flops or sandals are a must have.
  • Be sure not to wear any oils or thick body creams to your appointment as this will not allow your skin to absorb the tan.


  • Avoid showering, swimming, or heavy perspiration for at least 8 hours.
  • When showering do not use scrubs or exfoliates as this will make your tan fade faster.
  • Always apply lotion after you tan to ensure your skin stays hydrated. We prefer a combination of Bali Butter & Moorea Moisturizer. For a sample ask Miki or Morgan.
  • If you plan to swim in chlorine a lot your results may vary and you may want to also use a South Seas tan extender.
  • Enjoy the glow and your tan should last 7-10 days!!


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