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Spray Tanning in Fort Collins

Spray tanning can give your skin a healthy glow all year long. It’s quick, efficient, safe, and will make you look awesome for the winter wedding you have to attend or for the holidays. Spray tanning also gives you an even color compared to the blotches you may get from a tanning booth or a natural tan.

Xanadu Med Spa in Fort Collins offers spray tanning services. We utilize the South Seas Spray Tanning brand because it is one of the best in the business. It is 100% paraben-free and utilizes organic compounds. When applied, it dries instantly, eliminating any time you have to wait for it to dry. It is almost odor-free, which means there won’t be any lingering smell once you leave Xanadu Med Spa. It won’t give you that “fake tan” look, and it’s extremely fast-acting. South Seas Spray Tanning can take a full eight hours to color your skin to its final tone. Spray tanning only lasts between seven and ten days because it comes off as your skin flakes off.

What To Know Before Your Fort Collins Spray Tan

A professional spray tanning a young woman in a black bathing suit
  • Exfoliate before getting a spray tan. As we’ve explained before, spray tanning adheres to the surface of your skin. Your skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells. When you exfoliate, you are scrubbing your body to get rid of these dead cells, which then exposes more of the live skin to the tanning solution. This will help your spray tan to last longer.
  •  Don’t put on makeup or lotions. Remember, you want all of your skin exposed when you are tanning, and makeup will give your face a different look than the rest of your skin. Lotions will seep into your skin and prevent your skin from fully absorbing the tanning chemical, resulting in a superficial tan that won’t last that long.
  •  Expose as much skin as possible. Some tanning services recommend that you get completely naked during your session. However, if you know what bathing suit you will be predominantly wearing, feel free to wear that. Xanadu Med Spa recommends that you keep in mind that this is only a temporary look anyways, so don’t fret too much over this decision. Wear what is comfortable for you.
  •  Don’t shave right before you come in. Your skin will be extra sensitive right after and may affect the quality of your tan.
  •  Wear loose clothing. It takes a minimum of eight hours for your tan to set, usually closer to 10 to 12. During this time, you could possibly rub some of the solution off. You’ll want to wear loose clothing and bring a rain jacket if it’s raining! Rain and sweat will take your tan off. And wear sandals!

What To Know After Your Spray Tan in Fort Collins

  • Wait at least 12 hours to get wet. One of the worst things you can do is tan and then go to the beach. It’s just not a good idea. Instead, give your tan time to set, and then rinse without soap or water after 12 hours. Then, the next time you shower, you should be back to your normal routine.
  • Don’t wax or shave immediately after. It’s best to get waxed a few days before you get tanned. That way, you won’t have to worry about it. If you get waxed after your spray tan, you risk taking all of the color off with the hot wax. The same advice goes with shaving. Waiting at least 12 hours, preferably 24 hours after your tan is advised.
  • Be careful. The best advice for prolonging your spray tan is simply to be cognizant of it in the first 12 hours. Wear loose clothing. Don’t workout to prevent sweat. Don’t get wet. It’s really that simple.

Choose Xanadu Med Spa In Fort Collins As Your Spray Tan Of Choice

A professional spray tanning a woman’s legs

Xanadu Med Spa is all about making you feel more beautiful after you leave than when you stepped through the door. Whether you are coming in for a spray tan, or you are getting a massage, a facial, or hormone therapy, we hope you receive the highest-quality day spa service. We offer membership programs that you can take advantage of that will give you our best services at great discounts. We hire only the best staff, including aestheticians, massage therapists, skin care experts, and the like to ensure you are properly taken care of. Our goal is to be your one-stop-shop for all things beauty!