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Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone levels reduce as we age.  This often results in undesirable side effects in mid to late life including fatigue, hot flashes and mood changes, loss of muscle mass, weight gain and loss of libido, just to name a few.  While you are young, your hormone levels raise and eventually peak in your twenties.  As you get older, your levels will start to decline and that is when you begin to experience effects such as weight gain, hair loss, and lack of energy.  This is due to the fact that those hormones stimulate cell growth and many other functions of the body.  Research has found that replacing certain hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and hormones produced by the thyroid can help bring your body back into balance.  In the most basic sense, your hormones are the fuel behind sustained healthy growth.

hormone therapy

Synthetic forms of these hormones often carry their own risks and side effects.  Xanadu Med Spa specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement.  This involves replacing hormones with other hormones that have the same molecular make-up.

We work with you to identify the hormones that need replaced and develop a customized treatment plan designed specifically for you.


Benefits Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a practical and efficient hormone therapy option for repairing natural hormone balance. Aging doesn’t have to be unpleasant, and hormonal imbalances are frequently mistaken as mild side effects of aging.

As we stated, your hormone levels will decrease over time.  Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a process in which you supplement your hormones to bring your levels to healthy levels or to the levels that they were when you were younger.  Not everyone needs hormone therapy, but if you are determined to have low levels, you may benefit from the process immensely.  Some of the benefits that you will get from undergoing Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy include:

  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Smoother, Wrinkle Free Skin
  • Increased Metabolism
  • More Flexibility
  • Improved Sex Drive And Better Sexual Performance
  • Consistency In Moods (no More Roller Coaster Effect)
  • Less Joint Pain
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Focus And Better Memory
  • Weight Management/improvement
  • More Muscle Buildup
  • Faster Attitude
  • Less Joint Pain
  • Faster Hair Growth
  • Quicker Healing Rates And Increased Immunity
  • Relief From Hot Flashes
  • Reduced Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Reduced Risk Of Depression

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy In Fort Collins At Xanadu Med Spa

Here at Xanadu Med Spa, we have no interest in a one-size fits all approach to hormone treatment. We understand that what may work for one person, may not be the best approach for another. The gateway to a healthy lifestyle starts with comprehensive laboratory testing. Diagnostic Lab tests may include blood, urine, and saliva samples to provide an accurate assessment of multiple parameters that affect your health. Upon completion of testing, We will receive a detailed analysis of your hormone levels and other markers of health.

Utilizing our staff’s expertise and extensive training, we will create a tailored treatment plan set up to match each patient’s goals and health needs based on lab values, symptoms, medical history, lifestyle, and personal physiology.