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Achieve More Youthful Acting and Looking Skin That is Tighter To the Touch and Feel

BodyFX will reshape your trouble areas – simultaneously treating fat, loose skin, and cellulite. No anesthesia necessary, very little discomfort, BodyFX delivers phenomenal results and fat cell death – without incisions or surgery!

  • Cellulite is caused by a loss of elasticity in the skin along with fibrous bands that has allowed pockets of fat to bulge under the surface of the skin.
  • Gentle vacuum pressure stretches out connective tissue and maximizes treatment depth, improving overall results.
  • BodyFX use a combination of vacuum and radiofrequency energy to gently tighten skin and the fibrous attachments that result in cellulite.
  • BodyFX also uses short bursts of high voltage energy to disrupt the wall of the fat cell resulting in their eventual death. This unique, FDA-cleared technology tightens and tones the skin, kills fat and reduces the bumpy look of cellulitic skin in the targeted treatment areas.
  • Safe, gentle and entirely different than competing technologies, BodyFX is a series of treatments over a period of 6 to 8 weeks that work to deliver the improvement you are seeking.*

BodyFX is the ultimate treatment for cellulite, body contouring and uneven fat irregularities incorporating bipolar RF, negative pressure and high amplitude nano-second pulses. These energies work cohesively to smooth out dimpled connective tissues while emitting radiofrequency waves to tighten the skin in its deeper layers. Heat from the radiofrequency waves reduces the volume of fat cells, thus shrinking the overall amount of fat under the skin. That’s what makes it one of the top cellulite treatments available.

The BodyFX high amplitude nano-second pulse trains create an electroporation effect causing apoptosis or permanent cellular death. The result is a noticeable loss in fat and a restored youthful contour. BodyFX is a new generation, first of its kind technology that incorporates the skin tightening element without the high consumables associated with the existing fat destruction technologies. Patients will find a rejuvenated shape in the treated area after the safe and comfortable BodyFX body contouring treatment.


  • Acquire. Control. Extend. Technology to safely optimize peak energy.
  • Pre-heating of tissue reduces threshold for selective apoptosis of fat cells.
  • Sophisticated tissue temperature and impedance monitoring achieves and maintains optimal temperature end points to prevent atrophic damage.
  • Active temperature monitoring and control with cut-offs for unprecedented safety virtually eliminating risk of thermal injury.

BODYFX Treatment at Xanadu Med Spa