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MR NaturaLines Permanent Makeup® at Xanadu Med Spa

Fort Collins Permanent Makeup & Digital Microblading

We are excited to partner with award-winning permanent makeup artist and trainer, Mary Ritcherson to bring permanent makeup in the form of digital microblading to Xanadu Med Spa.  Mary will take appointments at Xanadu on Wednesdays.  You can schedule through the front desk, or you can contact Mary directly at 813-928-9924.

What Is It?

What Is Digital Microblading?

Digital microblading creates individual brow hairs. This is done with a tiny needle on a cosmetic tattooing machine that injects pigment into the skin. While it sounds similar to traditional tattooing, there are distinct differences between digital microblading and tattooing. The first difference is that the pigments that are used in cosmetic tattooing are different than those used in body tattooing. Additionally, the pigments used in digital microblading are implanted closer to the surface of the skin than they are with a traditional tattoo.

What's The Difference?

How Is Digital Microblading Different from Traditional Microblading?

This digital hair stroke technique causes less bruising and bleeding, making it much less traumatic to the skin than microblading. It can also save you precious time because it is a shorter procedure than microblading. Using this digital technique (which uses tiny 1 point needles or nanoneedles) allows for a more effective ability to add depth and strength. Various results may be achieved, from very dramatic looks to simple looks that mimic the look of makeup or individual hair strokes for a subtler more natural look. Finally, digital hair stroke brows tend to retain pigment and last longer in the skin than microblading.


Mary Ritcherson, C.P.C.P.

Mary Ritcherson, C.P.C.P. has worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years. She was introduced to permanent makeup by a highly respected local plastic surgeon in Tampa, FL. Mary began to research permanent makeup and instantly fell in love with the idea of helping women feel better about themselves. She completed her Certification in Permanent Makeup in August 2004 and has completed over 15,000 eyebrow procedures to date.

Her NanoLines technique has gained her worldwide recognition, allowing her to showcase her work and share her techniques in advanced classes and conferences.

To learn more about digital microblading and Mary, please visit her website: mrnaturalines.com